Next Gen Consoles As Game Of Thrones Characters

Next Gen Consoles As Game Of Thrones Characters

It didn’t take long for people to start characterising next-gen consoles as all sorts of things — including, yes, Game of Throne characters.

We have two slightly different Game of Thrones comparisons here, one by Redditor VariousFancyHats and another by neubourn — which do you think is more accurate? Note that like many memes around next-gen consoles, both are rather snarky about the Xbox One. Perhaps unfairly so.

I think the Tully comparison is at least clever — the bit about the cloud, plus, as Redditor TwistTurtle remarks: “Creepy little thing attached to her that can’t be separated and no one likes or wants? Definitely Kinect.”

Either way, you be the judge of how accurate these are:

Next Gen Consoles As Game Of Thrones Characters
Next Gen Consoles As Game Of Thrones Characters

Feel free to post any “next gen consoles as ____” memes you find funny, too! Here’s a good one.


  • Poor Hodoor, he’s not that bad. I thought xbox/Microsoft would be more like King Joffrey. Evil, abuses prostitutes, and doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

  • Tywin Lannister as PC? haha. Those who have read the books may find that wrong.

  • Ouya as Rob Stark?

    I won’t say any more for people who aren’t up to date.

    Oh and, Ned Stark as the PS2? Arya Stark as the 3DS? Poor Sansa the Vita.

  • Tyrion is the 3DS if anything. Small in stature, but beloved by fans worldwide.

  • I’m sorry but pc folk are always proclaiming themselves the master race, which kind of reminds me of Joffrey because he’s constantly saying that he’s the king. On the other hand, the pc is actually my choice of game playing device so I’d hate it to be compared to Joffrey. It’s kind of like Bran, a little crippled due to the complexities that come from developing for it, it can change its form, super powerful in its own rite and always destined for greatness.

    • It can also ‘warg’ into other devices (i.e. XBone running on Win 7 dev machines). Best of both worlds for me was realising I could hook up my PC to my HDTV with surround sound and pair it to my dualshock controller using a utility. Skyrim in proper HD with mods!

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