Nintendo Boss Didn't Say He'd Quit, Yo

Earlier this year, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said he felt "strongly responsible" for a two-year string of Nintendo losses. Strong enough to resign? Um...

As first posted in January, Iwata mentioned his "commitment" to a business profit goal of ¥100 billion ($1.1 billion) by the end of the next business year ending in March, 2014. When asked how he would take responsibility if Nintendo did not meet this mark, Iwata replied, "I ask that you understand my use of the word 'commitment'."

Some in the Japanese media took Iwata's language to mean he would step down should Nintendo fail to reach the magic number.

At a recent investor's meeting, Iwata was asked directly if he would quit if Nintendo doesn't meet his previously stated target. So, will he?

"I don't recall saying I'd resign," Iwata replied. According to Nikkan Sports, the Nintendo honcho went on to say that the game maker should put tremendous effort into achieving its goal and not think about failure. Sounds like Iwata plans on sticking around!

The weakened Japanese yen should help Nintendo, as well as a continuous flow of new games and funny GIFs. GIFs help, right? Right?

任天堂岩田社長、辞任に否定的考え示す [Nikkan Sports]


    Well, the 3DS is doing pretty well now, and we're getting some damn good games coming out for both the WiiU and the 3DS, so I see no reason for him to blame himself.

    He tried, and as far as I'm concerned, his company is one of the only triple A contenders making solid games.

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