No, Bethesda Didn’t Secretly Show Fallout 4 At E3

No, Bethesda Didn’t Secretly Show Fallout 4 At E3
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The rumour windmill spun out of control this week as a number of people speculated that Bethesda had shown their newest Fallout game behind closed doors at E3, but the publisher says that’s just not true. It started with a tease by writer Derek Nolan, who hinted that he had seen something unannounced at Bethesda’s booth during E3 in Los Angeles last week. Gaming forum NeoGAF picked up the tweets, and the breathless speculation began. An unannounced game? At E3? Fallout 4?

Fallout 4, of course, has not been announced yet, although Bethesda recently said that the Skyrim team has moved onto their next project, which many have assumed will be the next game in their post-apocalyptic open-world RPG series.

Then, a website called Bubblews said that Fallout 4 had been shown at E3, and that it would be out for current- and next-gen consoles in 2015. Popular video game websites like VG247 reported this news. Bubblews also posted what they say is a logo for Fallout 4, which looks a whole lot like an image from deviantART.

I was curious, of course, as we hadn’t heard about any unannounced Bethesda titles at the show floor, and I thought this whole thing sounded rather ridiculous. So I asked Bethesda, and they sent over a statement:

We showed three games at E3 – Wolfenstein: The New Order, The Elder Scrolls Online and The Evil Within. We did not show any of our games behind closed doors.

That’s about as straightforward an answer as you can get. If Fallout 4 was shown to press at E3, it’s news to us — and it seems like it’s news to Bethesda too.


  • Gee… so the publisher just commented that no, they didn’t secretly show a secret game.

    Glad they cleared that one up.
    God, imagine what they might have said if it wasn’t a secret…

  • Bethesda recently said in connection with work on Skyrim DLC, that their “new project has come to a point, where it needs their full attention”. Fair guess then, that yes, there is a new Fallout in development and someone got ahead of themselves, speculating, its being shown at E3.

    My guess then is, there is a Fallout 4 in the works and it simply wasnt at E3. Duh….

    • Or they could be working on an Elder Scrolls 6 considering Skyrim sold a shit load of copies.

      • A good point. I’d wager that Skyrim sold more copies than Fallout: New Vegas. What better way to drive profits than to release the next Skyrim/Elder Scrolls ‘clone’. (but I hope it’s not.)

  • Can we give it back to Microforte so Fallout isn’t just Oblivion with guns? Give me Fallout 1 or 2 anyday over 3.

  • They need to hurry up with this. I can give a crap less about elder scrolls. SKyrim just released now their onto ES Online. I want fallout 4!

  • With Bethesda’s love of weird release dates, I’m guessing they’ll go for 13th of December 2014… or as the Yanks say 12-13-14.

  • So sick of people saying they want the old fallout back. If it was better then fallout 3 and new vegas wouldn’t have done a bazilloon times better their predecessors. And also. I loved skyrim but it was no where near as entertaining as new vegas. Truth be told it may be my favorite game ever and I have never been so nerdishly obsessed or consumed with the world of a game. If bethesda skips fallout and goes back to fantasy land first I will lose it. I cannot wait to see the world of fallout come to life on one of these next gyn systems with the combo of the new ultra high def tvs and who knows what other sort of techy treata by the time its about enough to make me skeet in my pants and I readily await abandoning the real world in exchange for the wasteland for months on end. HURRY UP ITS ALREADY BEEN 3 YEARS PEOPLE.

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