No More Tripping In The New Smash Bros

No More Tripping In The New Smash Bros
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Good news for Smash Bros. fans: there’s no tripping in the newest one. For the uninitiated: Tripping is the colloquial term for those moments in Smash Bros. Brawl when your character runs, stumbles, falls and is temporarily stunned. Most fans hated it.

When I asked Twitter followers what they’d like to know about the new Smash game, announced for 3DS and Wii U, the number one question was: is tripping back?

In an interview with me this morning, Smash designer Masahiro Sakurai confirmed that it’s not. “To answer quite frankly, it will not return,” he said through a translator.

Cool! I’ll have much more from my talk with Sakurai in the near future.


  • I am so not looking forward to the very vocal, “MLG pro” players trying to direct the game themselves…

    • I’m not one of them, but when you break it down all the “MLG Pro” players want is character balance, and the option to turn off various items and stages. I don’t see why any player “MLG Pro” or not would be opposed to this.

    • What does that have to do with anything?

      Brawl introduced an unpopular mechanic that was disliked by all, they’re taking it out. It was a frustrating mechanic that added nothing to the game. Sakurai would be daft to keep it in.

      Now, if he’d changed how items work or had focused on balancing the game towards the competitive scene you might have a point. There’s nothing to indicate that’s the case because Sakurai has always treated this as a party game.

    • iirc, Sakurai himself was completely confounded when he found out that the pros tend to play Final Destination with no items. He even said it was completely the wrong way to play the game!

  • I liked brawl and all, but if they can recapture the feel of melee they’ll sell millions.

  • Huh. I’ve played brawl a fair bit, and not once have I noticed this tripping. Learn something new every day.

  • Melee is my fav of all time. clocked 3000 hours on it so far with me and my mate. I’d always go Jigglypuff as my primary purely because it was so insulting to other people to see a pink fluffy ball beat the crap out of them then start singing afterwards.

    Sadly Brawl just didnt do it for me. felt so ridgid and slow. yeah. thats it. it was slow as hell! and they butchered jiggly 🙁

  • I liked tripping, I thought it was hilarious and added that element of chaos. This was especially useful when I’d have friends come over to play and they hadn’t played a Smash Bros before, or as much as me and tripping gave them some good opportinities to get some good hits on me.

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