No TV Talk At The Xbox E3 Conference, Microsoft Says

No TV Talk At The Xbox E3 Conference, Microsoft Says

A large chunk of the Xbox One reveal was dedicated to telling us that we don’t watch TV the right way, and that Microsoft’s new machine will help fix that. But don’t worry! E3 will be different.

Microsoft spokesman Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb assured fans today that its E3 press conference on June 10 will be all about games.

On top of that, GTTV host and friend-of-Kotaku Geoff Keighley says he’s heard some exciting things about both Sony and Microsoft’s E3 plans.

Just 10 days until E3. Let the hype begin.


  • It’s almost like they revealed all the non-game stuff at a press conference earlier to get it out of the way for E3…

    • and that’s exactly what everyone wanted from the announcement of a games console. There’s no reason they couldn’t’ve done what Sony did, still focus on the games at E3 and then give the details about the TV stuff later on and people would’ve been more accepting of it

      • True but Sony’s announcement was months ago. MS obviously decided as E3 was close they would talk games the. They even said so 3-4 times at the start of the conference. That said, it doesn’t mean it was the right decision! A couple more sneak peaks would have been nice just to wet the appetite.

    • I think that was the whole point of the reveal =P

      Show off what it can do, “hook” peoples interest so their focused on the game reveals on E3

  • The launch titles for both consoles should be very strong which is good for all and hopefully with some AAA titles coming next year. Hopefully with the PC like architecture of both systems it won’t take developers 4-5 years to work out how best to use each system and we’ll see top games from the get go. I have no doubt that Microsoft will have quality games but I’ll be sticking with Sony. Personal preference

  • I am just hoping that there isn’t a big focus on sports games. I expect there to be something but i hope they don’t account for a large part of it.

  • I’m just seeing it now, the live counter of how many times ‘TV’ or ‘Television’ will be said, thoroughly scrutinised by the people watching the streams.

  • Plenty of third party stuff will probably be shown, who cares they will be available on other platforms as well. They need to show real exclusive gameplay! So far there is none.

  • “lots of games and surprises” pie-throwing contest and sack races confirmed for microsoft’s e3 booth

  • I really do hope MS cram so many awesome games + tech down peoples face holes at E3 that they STFU and stop talking shit about it being a “TV” device.

  • Sony launches console without showing crap all about console and making it just about games. People complain.

    Microsoft launches console making it all about what the console can do and not much about games, people complain more.

    how about STFU and be patient

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