Non-Gamer Simplifies Xbox One Debacle For People Who Don't Care

“Look. I’m not a gamer. Are you guys gamers?” isn't usually how you want to start a story about video games. But that’s how FOX Business’ Lauren Simonetti started her report on the Xbox One DRM debacle.

“Well, it's Microsoft vs just think the teenage boy gamer, and the teenage boy gamer won,” Simonetti said to a few anchors who couldn't even pretend to care.

Although she did strip out and simplify major details of what actually went down, she did a decent job bottom-lining it for people that really have basically no interest in video games. The real gold, however, comes at the 49-second mark when one anchor reacts to one of the biggest stories in gaming history like this:

“Hrm. Alright wait. OK. Huh? Alright. No. Yeah? Yeah. Ok.”

Oh, apathetic Fox 5 anchor, you have no idea how right you are.


    And this is pretty much all you can expect from the mainstream media, unless they have been paid to promote whatever platform

    "If they connect to the internet once a day, maybe they'd want to do that naturally all the time". That's f'ing crazy that they could come up with that reasoning for a broadcast. It's like they go to as much effort as possible to be biased and terrible journalists

    just think the teenage boy gamer

    Heeey, I resent that!
    Especially since the "average teenage boy gamer" have no idea what's happening themselves and are just waiting to spend their parents money on the next Call of Duty.

    The onion would do a better job than fox, and usually does.

    She actually summed it up pretty well, considering her obvious lack of interest in the story. Memorizing key points and repeating them on camera isn't difficult, but someone at Fox wrote that for her and at least THEY tried.

    That was awful, and she kept saying "i don't game so i don't know" like that's an excuse to be a terrible reporter? 5 minutes of research would have told her everything she needed to know.

    not to mention the fact she opened with "the teenage boy gamer" like wtf? are we still stuck on that stereotype despite the fact the average age of gamers is way past the teen years >

      Fox News has a long running vendetta against video games and gamers because they use it as a scapegoat for mass shootings.

        yep, coz people with guns in there hands aren't to blame, its there constitutional right to have a gun. just stupid...

          So you believe people don't have a right to defend themselves? It's morally obtuse of you to want to have a society of victims rather than people who can fend off an attacker.

            Not sure if stupid or.....

              I like how the ad-hominem attack is an admission that you don't have anything intelligent to say.

              Last edited 26/06/13 7:15 pm

                It's not an admission of anything, except that I am unsure as to your actual point of view. Look up Poe's law.

                I could point out to you that incidences of violent crime are negatively correlated to increasing private weapon ownership and provide supporting literature. I didn't, because I didn't feel it necessary, since it is so well documented and so blatantly obvious.

                I wasn't sure if you were stupid or a troll. It could be either, though I now suspect the former.

                Last edited 27/06/13 11:56 am

                  You're right it's so blatantly obvious to blame inanimate objects for what they do, guns kill people, spoons make people fat, cars hit people, it's not the persons fault.

                  It's blatantly obvious that the last several mass shooting in the USA happened in gun free zones because that certainly stopped the criminals.

                  It's also blatantly obvious that the lowest crime rates in the USA where the murders per 100,000 are less than 1 are the states where it's easiest to get a gun license and conceal and carry permit.

                  So are you going to have some principally consistent views and start telling me that knives stab people or are we going to re-evaluate the causes of such terrible things because it isn't as you say, so 'blatantly obvious.'

                  Last edited 28/06/13 7:10 pm

    To be fair, Id show a similar lack of interest if I had to report on anything TV/Movie related.

      Yeah, if I had to report on celebrity gossip I'd be talking in broad, "I'm sure this is important to someone, teenage girls maybe?"-esque statements.

    Teenage boy gamer.....

      How does mainstream media still manage to believe that the average gamer is in their teens? I mean the years go by but it's as if gamers have found the secret to eternal youth

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