Now There’s An Attack On Titan 3D Action Game In Second Life

Now There’s An Attack On Titan 3D Action Game In Second Life

Aside from some visual novel side stories, there is no official video game for the hot new anime series Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) yet, so Second Life builder Moeka Kohime decided to make one of her own. How’d she do?

Second Life celebrates its ten-year anniversary this month, and creators like Kohime are exactly why it’s stayed around for so long. The deviant sexual acts and virtual adult toy disputes come and go, but creations like this endure.

The set consists of a moddable uniform and, of course, the 3D manoeuvre Gear, which the characters in the anime use to zip themselves around town and take out the incredibly disturbing monsters hell-bent on eating humanity. The uniform is lovely, but check out the detail on the Gear.

Fuel tanks, spare blades — it’s all there and all functional. I shall show you.

I’d not been on Second Life for more than a few minutes in a couple of months when my friend Cloudy tapped me to check out the setup at Kohime’s Edelweiss store, so forgive me if my camera controls and navigation are a bit janky.

Want to give it a spin for yourself? There’s a free demo available at Kohime’s store, so all you have to do is download Second Life, sign up for a free account, and do a search for Edelweiss.

Oh yeah, and in the spirit of the anime, here’s Kohime’s official Attack on Titan opening credits riff.


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