Now You Have No Excuse For Not Playing Final Fantasy Tactics

Way before Game of Thrones became the hottest thing on television, some of fiction's best politicking and betrayal could be found in Final Fantasy Tactics, a strategy-RPG originally released for the PS1, then PSP, then iOS and Android. It's one of the best games out there.

And I guess there's a team at Square Enix that's been secretly cranking away at the iOS version, because this week there's a patch that adds new features: high-res characters, a better framerate and achievements.

More importantly, the iOS version of Final Fantasy Tactics is 50 per cent off until June 12. The iPad version is $9.49; iPhone is $8.49. Not a bad price for one of the best strategy games ever made, even if there is no universal app (and even if they still haven't optimised the game for the iPhone 5's bigger screen, as you can tell by my screenshot above).

So now you have no excuse for not playing this stellar game. Unless you don't have a PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, iPhone, iPad or Android device. Then you have a decent excuse, I guess. But I'm still gonna judge you.


    It's not available on Android yet.

      Are4d3 you're right............ ive looked everywhere and nothing

    it's available on Android??

      As soon as I read this I opened up the store and I couldn't see it there. But if they were charging about $17 for it like they are for some of the FF games on there then I wouldn't be buying it anyway.

        I'd like to know what the hell goes through the minds of the guys in charge of deciding pricing for the mobile games. It's ridiculous.

        Why does $17 for a 20+ hour hardcore RPG with some of the best art and music seem too much for you? I'd pick it up for that price in a heartbeat if it were on my preferred platform...

          Because it's a port of a game that's more than 15 years old. And given they're selling the original on PSN (US PSN, at least) for considerably less, I don't see much justification for a price that high compared to most other mobile games. Of course I don't play a lot of games on my phone, either. Maybe if I did I'd find the price more acceptable.

    I don't want to pay that much for it...

    Also, I can't find it on Android. Is it still on the way or something?

      Same. I usually cap myself at 5 bucks for a phone game.

        Why does it seem too expensive for you? Isn't it a huge, gorgeous, detailed, hardcore, narrative-driven JRPG? I dunno, but that seems like some awesome value to me.

          Because it just does. With all due respect I don't see why I have to justify it to you?

            If you don't want to discuss something, then, respectfully, why would you say it in public in the first place?

            As to why I'm asking: I'm just a curious-type who likes to know how other people define value in this digital age. Everyone seems to do it differently, and that's quite interesting. In turn, I think FFT has a lot of value because of the positive qualities I listed above - It's a deep, hardcore game, far from short, with a good narrative, and even if the art is old, I feel it's kept its quality very well. The soundtrack is also quite excellent, though that's less valuable on a phone in general.

            So... that's why I'm asking.

              I don't get your point, there's a vast difference between saying 'I cap myself at 5 dollars for a phone game' and having to justify it to someone. By saying that, it's literally saying 'I cap myself at 5 dollars for phone games and will not spend any more'. There's your justification. You get a downvote for needlessly pushing the issue.

              Last edited 06/06/13 2:24 pm

                Your refusal to engage in pleasant conversation makes the socratic method sad. You may have your downvote returned to you.

    It's available on Android in the US, just not here yet :/

      Geo-barriers affecting purely digital products makes me rage so hard.
      I'd just about sign up willingly to the New World Government if they could make that shit stop.

        The UN ought to force the WTO and WIPO to ban those practices; they're nothing more than discrimination. It's the same as charging black people more!

          I don't rage quite that hard though.

            Haha, it's one of the few things which gets me super amped up just from hearing about it.

    Wow, finally. They promised this when they first launched it on iOS. I thought they'd abandoned it already.

    Give it to me on PC! Put it on Steam! Goddammit, the sales would be insane >_

    How can this amazing game, be so critically acclaimed and popular and don't get a real sequel? (Speaking about mechanics, not story.) And no, FFTA was never the sequel we were waiting for.

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