Nvidia's Shield Gets Price Drop And June 27 Release

Last month, Nvidia's Project Shield Android handheld got a shortened name, a release window of June, and a $US349 price tag. With June quickly coming to a close, the Shield is coming in hot on June 27, with $US50 knocked off the price to sweeten the deal.

Customers who have already preordered the Tegra 4-powered, PC game streaming handheld will be charged the $US299 price when their Shield ships. Those who waited to order one have missed out on suddenly having an extra $US50 to screw around with.

Is the Shield worth $US299? I do not know. At this point, I've only seen pictures and watched videos of Randy Pitchford singing. I have my preconceived notions, but they are ripe for shattering. If you're on the fence, I'm sure there will be plenty of fresh opinions floating around come next week.


    It's an odd product, but one which I'm sure will have a niche amongst hardcore PC gamers. The combination of Android and PC compatibility is a bit strange - do the platforms' respective games really have much cross-appeal? - but I suspect playing PC quality games in bed, hassle-free, will shift units.
    I think Android is more a means to an end rather than nVidia's core focus for this product. $US299 is a lot for a device which plays mobile games but doesn't make calls.

      Yeah, a means to an end is an excellent way to describe it. I am very interested in the shield, but I sure as heck can't think of a single android game I'd want to play on it. Frozen Synapse, now that it's out I guess? And it will probably be great for emulation - I'll probably load up gameboid and retroarch and then just use it for PC games.

    Still too expensive. I'd rather a ps4 for an extra $100US.

    Still too much money.
    You need a GeForce graphics card to stream pc games to it and Android games are not worth a dedicated $300 device.
    When they are $150 in Aussie dollars I'll get one maybe but then again I am getting a PS4 so maybe I should get a vita instead?

      Well they aren't being sold here anyway (at least not initially) so you don't need to worry about dropping any amount of Aussie dollars on them.

      Ooooh don't get a vita they are woefull unless they release like 3 good games it is the single worst gaming purchase I have made... I'd buy the shield if the left analog stick was in the correct position... Just easier plugging in a controller or using my keyboard and mouse on a bed

    im expecting some very detailed kotaku review of the shield, im pretty keen on getting it and $300 is a price i can justify!

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