Nyko Is Already Attaching Things To Your Xbox One And PS4 Controllers

Clever, clever Nyko. Banking on Xbox Smart Glass and the second-screen experience being a big part of the next generation of consoles, they've readied a means to bolt your phone onto your Xbox One or PlayStation 4 controller.

This addresses my olnly real concern with the whole second-screen trend — with both hands on the controller, where was I going to hold this screen? I was thinking a headband with an arm coming off, but this will do.

Nyko calls these Smart Clips. They'll be available around launch time for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, along with controller-powering Charge Bases and the ever-handy Xbox One Headset adaptor, which allows standard audio cables to plug into the console's HDMI port.


    Not a bad idea at all....

    Unless your 2nd screen is an ipad ;)

      orrr surface Pro.. haha
      i think hooking up my iphone 5 for dead rising 3 is gonna be a must

        Indeed. I think these will be a must for anyone wanting to use a 2nd screen. I tried to use my old iPad as a 2nd screen with HALO 4 and I tell you, clunky. Just clunky.

    and I bet they have a ps4 controller with the layout of a 360 controller for all those converting fans :)

      Haha that would be great if they released a ps4 controller with offset joysticks for you guys.

      yeah they have one its called the nintendo pro controller
      after the ps vita and the month psn went down and i had my credit card compromised i wouldnt trust Sony with a used condom

        Personally, I see that as more of a reason. Given they ramped up their protection increasingly since then. I've had worse times with MS charging me and overcharging on my credit card than I ever did with Sony, plus Sony DID give away 3 free games (FULL games at that) in compensation to anyone affected and those NOT affected.

    Seems handy, but the extra weight would be off putting (unless the centre of gravity is spot on?).

    hmmmmm. I wonder how my surface will look attached to my controller hahahahah

    this will make things so much easier!!! plus i think you can take it on the go!!!

    is the controller gonna have a tv on it or what

    Wait did it say, the day of launch... hmm

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