Oculus Rift Developer Killed, A Bystander During A Police Chase

Andrew Scott Reisse, an accomplished developer at Oculus VR, the company behind the virtual-reality Oculus Rift headset, was killed in Santa Ana, California on Thursday. He was an innocent victim of a police chase gone horribly wrong.

Reisse was apparently out for a walk when an alleged gang member, fleeing the police in a Dodge Charger, reportedly barrelled into the intersection of Flower Street and MacArthur Boulevard, hitting and killing the 33-year-old developer. The driver may face murder charges, according to ABC News.

Oculus CEO Brenden Iribe and chief software architect Michael Antonov issued the following statement to Kotaku about Reisse on behalf of all of their company:

Andrew was a brilliant computer graphics engineer, an avid photographer and hiker who loved nature, a true loyal friend and a founding member of our close-knit Oculus family.

Some of us have known Andrew since college, and have worked with him at multiple companies beginning with Scaleform in Maryland which he helped start at age 19, then at Gaikai in Aliso Viejo which brought him out to California, and finally at Oculus where he was a co-founder and lead engineer.

Andrew's contributions span far and wide in the video game industry. His code is embedded in thousands of games played by millions of people around the world.

Words can not express how sorely he will be missed or how deeply our sympathy runs for his family

Andrew will always be in our thoughts and will never be forgotten. We love you Reisse.

We at Kotaku would also like to wish our condolences to Reisse's family and friends.


    oh no. its always sad when innocents get taken out. I wish his family and friends all the best. Such talent wiped out so senselessly

    If you're that sorry about it maybe a less misleading headline perhaps? That's really terrible.

      No that title actually explains the article perfectly, only way to be mislead is if someone can't grasp proper use of grammar.

        if they dropped the "a" the dullards may fare better

          Probably 'as' in front of the 'a' might be better. Losing the 'a' still doesn't help people who can't seem to read commas.

        The comma didn't appear in my RSS feed, and I was quite shocked... then read the article here, and the confusion was cleared up. If there's more than one place the comma might not appear, it might have been wise to reword the title for less confusion, I suppose.

      That's what I thought, too... There's an awful lot hanging off that comma, isn't there?

      This is really sad news. Yeah, it's a very misleading headline. Very poor taste.

        The headline is not misleading at all, learn2English.

          read the URL.....

            You can't put punctuation in a url. So don't read the url, read the title.

              I think that's the point though. You can't put punctuation in a url so when writing a headline that will become a url, a writer should really make sure it can't be misconstrued.

                Although to be fair, it's a US article and the article URLs only have an article number rather than the title, so it's not really something that matters for them.

                Still probably would have been better to just slip an "as" in there in place of the comma though.

          I didn't say it was bad English. It just felt like a poor choice of words is all. I'm no granma expert.

      Bystander Oculus Rift Developer Killed During Police Chase.

      Satisfies all instances including URL.

      Last edited 02/06/13 5:19 pm

      Condolences to Andrew Reisse, his family, colleagues and friends. It's truly sad when someone with such talent and incredible contribution to our community has to leave so suddenly. He will be remembered by gamers, through his work on Oculus Rift, Gaikai and Scaleform.

      Requiescat in pace.

      Yeah the title of this article is totally misleading. Lose the "a bystander during a police chase". It may be grammatically correct but gives people who skim read the wrong impression.

      I'm sorry to hear this though. A real talent lost.

      Condolences to Andrews family and friends.

      Hang the prick who killed him.

    RIP Reisse. His talents have at least left behind a certain kind of legacy.

    Very sad and frustrating. Innocent life killed by a everyday crime. Headline sounds like he killed a bystander, according to url it says, Oculus Rift Developer killed a bystander during a police chase so that should be changed.

    I can't believe some of you idiots! A innocent man died and what you seem most concerned with is the grammar in the god damn headline!? Direct some of your bullshit judgement at yourselves, STFU and just vote up the first response.

      I believe they are concerned about the poor grammar in the headline making it appear the innocent man was not innocent. So they really are just as upset about the poor man's death as you, maybe even more so. Your vitriolic responses are far more disrespectful.

        People are upset because the url reads "occulus rift developer killed a bystander during a police chase" it's not hard for people who are just skimming to get the wrong idea. These people are not idiots, or unable to read English but rather concerned that people will think that Andrew Reisse was a murderer rather then the one who was innocent.

        Seriously, keep it up and I will report your comments. I have no problems with differing opinions but there is no need to insult others. You should try to be amicable when arguing as people are more likely to listen to what you have to say.

        Strange, i tacked this on to yours and i agree with you.

        Last edited 02/06/13 7:13 pm

          Yeah my bad I was typing angry, bad day/night/day mad at other shit. I will STFU now.

            There's no reason to shut up. Just be civil.

    Definitely change the title. All the best to his family!

    That's absolutely heartbreaking. I feel really sorry for his family =(
    When I first read the title I thought he killed someone.

    Change the title to: Innocent bystander killed during police chase was an Occulus Rift developer.

    My condolences to his family and friends, this really is a terrible and tragic loss of life.

    I bet the driver played Forza and Gran Turismo.
    They are the real cause of it all.

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