Off Topic: Game Of Thrones (Spoilers)

Okay dokey, just to be clear — I fully expect there to be spoilers in the comments. There will be spoilers in this post! This is your final warning! There will be spoilers!

So... yeah. Last night's episode of Game of Thrones. That really was something wasn't it? With everyone getting their throats slit and whatnot.

I'm in a bit of a unique situation. I read the first Game of Thrones book and got a little bit bored ad stopped, but my wife continued. She spoiled this whole thing for me. Some women just want to watch the world burn. I knew who was going to die, I just didn't know how and when, so this episode still managed to be a big shock for me.

But it was nothing compared to the sheer outbreak of feelings on my Facebook and Twitter. Man alive. I've never seen such a massive reaction to an episode of Television before. It seemed like an incredible event. My Facebook was split between smug, 'yes, mmmmmm, yes. I read the books already, lol' posts and absolute hysterics.

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below. All I ask is that you try and keep spoilers from the book out of the comments. Be nice everyone!


    Brilliantly done. As a reader of the books I was still a little surprised by the brutality of it all. Throughout the whole episode, there was the thought in the back of my mind "maybe everything will be okay." Even though I knew it wouldn't be. Even though I dislike the characters who were killed off, I still wanted them to survive, somehow.

    That said, the reaction from people has been even better than the episode. *Puts on smug hipster reading glasses*

      haha Robb had it coming. He was doomed from the beginning. Actually watching it I was glad it happened. Sad about Catelyn though. She is the only Stark (well her and Arya) that I truly cared about.

        *SPOILERS* I think this entire thing was Catelyn's fault. If she hadn't released the Kingslayer then the Lanister children wouldn't have died, Karstarks wouldn't have abandoned Robb, Robb wouldn't give a fuck about the Freys and there wouldn't have been a wedding in the first place. Well done, Catelyn :-)

          A whole crapload of things are Catelyn's fault. She's done wittingly and not more evil than Cersei. She's a woman entirely ruled b emotion, who abandons reason at every possible turn.

          Actually the whole GOT series is Brans fault. If he had of listened to his Mum, and not gone climbing on the castle, this whole thing would have been avoided.

            Well, except for the whole killing Jon Arryn because he found out about Cersei's offspring not being Baratheons, Eddard Stark becoming the Hand, finding out about the whole affair, King Robert being killed before Eddard can tell him, then Eddard being killed by psychopath Joffrey...

        I personally think she has everything coming to her and more. I've never despised a character so much as her - at least Cersei is up front about being an evil cow, Catelyn has no idea what she is doing and acts on impulse without thinking things through.. her behaviour gets others into trouble of the 'oops you're dead' kind.

    I was spoiled too when I foolishly looked up what "Red Wedding" was all about on a Game of Thrones wiki, but yeh was still majorly shocked too, more so than Ned Stark's be-heading. I think it was just the sheer brutality of it all with the multiple stabbings and throat slashes.. red wedding indeed..

      Same. it was brutal. Too brutal for me. To be honest, the violence has put me off. I'm cool with people getting stabbed, but I don't enjoy seeing it in close up. Especially a pregnant woman being stabbed in the stomach.

      They did it purely for shock value and it worked. I was shocked and put off. I don't think I'm super keen to watch more games now.

        Well, I guess this series isn't the one for you then
        But lets be honest, if you truly enjoyed the show, one scene that you didnt quite have the stomach for isnt going to stop you from watching more. youre just having a little cry

          Yeah I guess. I'm just over the full on close ups of people being killed. The story is still interesting.

    I thought it was done pretty well, suitably brutal. Apparently a few things were changed from the books (I'm only halfway through Clash of Kings so I can't say for sure, this is just what I've heard): Robb's wife was supposed to be a completely different person who wasn't even present at the wedding and plays a larger role later on. Apparently the Hound/Arya stuff played out differently and some people are annoyed about that.

    The worst part for me was Grey Wind being shot down in his pen, not even getting out to try and die while protecting Robb. That sucked.

    That said, I now know nothing of what's coming up so I'm interested to see where things go from here. It would seem that Bran is truly the lord of Winterfell but we haven't seen it since Theon was knocked out by his own men. I'm assuming that some of Robb's men were holding it for him, but he referred to it as being "burned", so maybe it was destroyed off-screen by the Greyjoy army or something. Since Bran isn't going there I guess it doesn't matter anyway.

    At this point Daenerys seems the only real force to be reckoned with. At the rate she's conquering cities and freeing slave armies the only thing that seems to be stopping her is the distance between her and Westeros. I wonder if there's anything left by the time she gets there.

    Also, I think it's about time someone did something about Joffrey and Cersei. Painful deaths for them please.

      You're in for a treat ;-)

    If your a good guy you're doomed.

    Did someone say spoilers? *puts hipster hat on* ...ok, I won't be mean, but I will say it's going to be a while before that sort of thing happens again.

    Don't fear the reaper guys, he has more in store yet (and soon), and some of it aint so bad... ;)

    It was a great episode. I'm not the type to get overly involved in my TV shows, but last night, damn. I was in absolute shock. It was gut-wrenching. I literally was thinking/feeling "I can never watch this show again". I don't even think I can rewatch that scene, it will be too painful damnit! Especially when they killed Grey Wind. I love the direwolves, they are the coolest thing about the show, I hope the rest of them stay alive.

    I mean, I knew that the Northerners would never rule the 7 Kingdoms, that is clearly where Dany will end up, in my opinion anyway. But I at least thought that Robb would be the one to win the war. In the end, it was the Starks honour, and their need to stick to tradition, that got the heads of the family killed. Now only the children remain. Filled with a hatred the North has never seen. One day, they will rule!

    Unfortunately, because of the mass depression I felt after the show, I finally gave in and spoiled it for myself by wikipedia'ing the books. Now I know how season 4 will go :( No more GoT surprises for me until 2015........

    I read the books but have a terrible memory for specifics. I can remember the broad politcal strokes and have a general memory of where people have been geographically.
    I think I remember more of the details of Tyrion and Arya's stories because they are my favourite characters.
    Usually when I'm watching I only half-remember what's going on so there is still some shock value.

    That said, how could I forget the Red Wedding. I'm looking forward to finally seeing the gruesome gore when I can find the time to watch!

    I loved it, and I am loving the freakout on twitter, since I freaked out when I read it and want others to suffer as I did.

      haha yeh ppls reactions to it have been hilarious:

    What a piece of television. A real treat, brilliantly done, right down to the credits.

    But seriously, how many "heroes" do you really want in an epic story like this? Without deaths of characters like these, there would be very little point in telling the story.

      I was so glad when the credits rolled and there was no music. It as just perfect.

    I dunno why they changed it to Roose Bolton stabbing Robb, in the books it was a faceless nobody. In the books he was loyal until the end and was only kept out of the murderous rampage because of his wife, who he married many years ago.

      Pretty sure Roose stabs Robb in the books as well.

      Roose is the one to finish him off in the books. The only difference is that he says "Jaime Lannister sends his regards" instead of "the Lannisters send their regards".

      It was Roose in the book as well, he was wearing pink armour (House Bolton) from head to toe iirc...

      yeah it was Roose, he gave Robb Jaime's regards when he killed him.

    Hmm... might have to watch this one. Haven't been watching for a while, and was somewhat let down by the Blackwater episode, but I remember the general chaos that was happening around this moment in the books. A pity they decided to leave out my favourite part of the books so they could start the next season with a bang... It was only a few chapters away...

      Okay, that episode was very well done. Everything apart from Robb's wife being present and pregnant - that seemed a little unnecessary. The silence at the end was perfect.
      Side note: I'd imagined Daario being somewhat older than that pretty-boy they got to play him. Maybe it's the lack of his much-lauded beard...

    While most book readers I know were decent about it, this was pretty apt for a lot of comments I saw going on

    I remember reading the red wedding scene a while back on the bus on the way home from work. I actually missed my stop I was so shocked. Knowing what was coming made the scene so much harder to watch.

    IMO the show just gets worse and worse as all the interesting characters are killed off and we are left with the mediocre rest. It has been all downhill since the end of season one.

      I'm with you.

      I REALLY want to like this show, and even though I've been spoiled on what happens in Episode 9, I was like...meh. After they killed Ned, I had already trained my self not to give a fuck about anyone on that show, so they could basically kill everyone and I wouldn't be phased.

      Season 1 was pretty good, but i'ts just gone downhill from there for me. It's almost like something only happens every 5 or 6 episodes.

    I read it in 2001. It was pretty well done for the most part, and i understand that the TV series is a spin off and not the main story, but i was a little disappointed the didnt include Cat pleading with Rob to keep his wolf close. It was a powerful theme in the book.

    My wife and I were completely shocked and stunned. It was genuinely horrible, not in a masterfully executed kinda way, but a cheap way.

    You know what word deserves to have a capital letter, is Television.

    Jay Leno sums the series up best on Game of Desks:
    "I can't keep track of all these characters."

    everyone is giving hell to the TV show for doing this... why? Its how it was in the book - thank crap they kept it mostly to the story line of the original! So many people bitch about their fav character dying - well boo hoo - thats life!
    If you want immortal characters go watch superman or doctor who or something where every episode is going to be a rerun of the last "good guy hears about bad guy planning bad thing, bad guy does bad thing, good guy stops bad guy from doing said thing, everyone kisses and is happy till the next day"

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