Off Topic: The Worst Movie You've Ever Seen

One of the minor annoyances that come with being the parents of a super young baby is the fact that you rarely ever get the chance to go to the cinema. Given that I live literally right next to a theatre, and given that I really enjoy watching movies, that has been troublesome for me. But last night I got the chance to go with my wife. We saw World War Z and dear lord was it a stinker.

It would be almost impossible to go into all the specific details that made World War Z so bizarrely terrible, but I will say this. It felt like a highlights reel for a five episode TV series that might have been watchable. Details were skimmed over, characters were rushed through pivotal situations. The editing and pacing was just all over the place.

But anyway — I wanted to ask all of you. When was the last time you walked out of the cinema thinking, 'what the hell did I just watch?'

And as a secondary question: have you ever walked out of the cinema in protest at how bad a movie was?



      I just saw it this afternoon. I didn't mind it ... though I'd hardly call it the best.

      True it was good, kept you guessing until the very end.

    I walked out of Hostel. I never have see a movie that bad in my life. It was also the first movie I have ever walked out on.

      yeah i walked out of hostel as well.

      i also think if i'd have wasted my money seeing the dark knight rises or the latest spideman movie at the cinema's i'd have walked out on both, and asked for a refund loudly.
      2 movies i've never been more happy about pirating.
      I litterally had to force myself to continue to watch both, and it was painful.

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        You would definitly be one of the few who would consider The Dark Knight Rises walk out worthy.

          I'll second that - DKR was one of the worst (budget-adjusted, as others observe below) films I've ever seen; I almost walked out ... and I was watching the rented DVD.

          Rambling, stupid, tiresome, mumbling string of amateurish plot twists that I'm fairly sure were based on a 4yo playing with action figures.

          To put this in perspective; I lived through the 'video library' era of the early 80's and have watched many productions that would probably go straight to youtube nowadays; however, most seemed to have budgets in the $'000s and some glimmer of pride.
          DKR was drivel and it's difficult to appreciate the ecstatic reviews which say otherwise.

          The Transformers films are in the same boat - they make a profit because there will always be puerile boys but as a cinematic production, they're noisy nonsense.

          Nope... I'm with him.

          Seriously what was with Bane's voice?

            The creative way they decided to go I guess, Bane's voice is this generations nipples on the batsuit?

            I agree it wasn't the best movie in the world, but walk out worthy?... No way, there are plenty of worse movies out there, but I guess I've never walked out of a movie because I've never been dumb enough to pay money for a movie I didn't know I'd like.

            I didn't really like the movie much, but I LOVED Bane's voice! Seriously, I can't think of a better option, really was brilliant (and I'm not being sarcastic).

            Apparently they have fixed up Bane's voice for the DVD release. Can anyone confirm?

          More than walk out worthy IMO, my missus actually walked off and refused to continue watching it, bad acting, horrible plot holes, Banes voice (oh dear god his voice), Banes entire backstory/being a sidekick wtf oh and Christian Bale.

          2nd that - DKR was just boring as. Even the latest one wasn't that great. I think, the batman franchise lost its edge.
          I never walked out of a movie. The absolutely worst movie I ever watch was Queen of the damned - I expected a vampire movie with blood gore & guts, instead I got boring dialogue, crappy music and even worse plot (did it even have one?)

        Does anybody else think Joe black is stupid? I thought world war z was stupid too. Balls. Hairy balls.

    Hudson Hawk. Game, set, match.

      No! Hudson Hawk was great fun!

      Bunny! Ball-ball!

        Kung Pow!! no more needs to be said.

        OH we, may not have a barrel of ... moooney!

      Hudson Hawk is awesome! You just need to think of it as a modern day fairy tale.

      That said, it is also one of the more polarising films I know. People either lover it or that hate it. There doesn't seem to be a middle ground.

      Gotta love 'BALL BALL, BOBO!'

    I've seen a lot of awful b grade horror and monster films. Sometimes they can be good, but anything from The Asylum is terrible. As for more big name movies, I thought Paranormal Activity was absolutely horrible.

    I really can't recall. It's not the sort of thing I like to remember.

    Battleships..I kind of had high hopes walking in and my girlfriend really wanted to see it, walked out thinking well there's an hour and a half wasted on what I can't even recall, honestly I can't even remember the plot it was so jumbled.

    Then someone brought me the game on the PS3, the game based on the movie of the game..'twas a sad day

    Worst Movie where I had to walk out?

    The Master. Overwhelmingly boring.

    Worst Movie I've ever seen? I got too many to narrow it down to one.

    Alone in the Dark, The Power Rangers Movie, Howard the Duck, Dragon Ball: Evolution, Belly, Mac and Me, In the Mix, Epic Movie, Rollerball, The Big Bounce...

    I could go on.

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      I kind of came around on Howard the Duck, mostly because of just how embarrassing it was for some of the actors involved. It's a super weird film though - the jokes are aimed squarely at 5 years olds, but the constant swearing and violence got it an R-rating.

        Oh, now I need to see this film!

          was it the "the jokes are aimed squarely at 5 years olds, but the constant swearing and violence got it an R-rating" that sold it? Because this has me intrigued.

            The swearing, i cant picture a George Lucas movie with swearing in it so I have to see it.

      The Master boring? I challenge you to watch 'Silent Light'!

        Don't get me wrong, I love Paul Thomas Andersons' works like Boogie Nights, Magnolia and There Will Be Blood but 'The Master' just felt so dull and wasn't even close to his previous works.

        I literally heard someone snoring through the entire 144 mins of it. I found that way more entertaining.

        Perhaps my expectations were way too high.

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      Oh God, Dragon Ball: Evolution almost made my eyes bleed it was so bad.

    What is with all of the hate towards this movie, yeah it wasn't the best movie of all time or for this even nor is it anywhere close. It wasn't tense like say, the walking dead but it served its purpose. I quite liked it and it got a pretty good audience score. Just because you hated doesn't mean it was horrible.

      I don't get it either! I really enjoyed it. My fiancee really enjoyed it. It was a good adventure story, had some great scenes and moments. And some brilliant zombie performances! It was just a lot of good, exciting, fun. I don't get the negativity it's getting.

      It's probably because it was based on a book and even though they generally paraphrase books during the movie conversion I think this leaves only the title intact and that it has zombies.

    Mission Impossible II is hands down the most laughable farce i've ever witnessed.
    Ethan Hunt riding a motorbike around Sydney while being chased by Ford Falcons.
    I mean, it SOUNDS awesome on paper, but dear lord.... I HATE THAT MOVIE.

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      I think your thinking of the second film, which I agree is easily the worst in the franchise.

      yeah that was number 2 and it was so so so bad.

        Thanks guys, fixed.
        Glad i'm not the only one who thinks this movie is a stinking turd, the first one was so good, what were they thinking???!

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          I used to work in the building where they shot the stupid server room scene in the highrise (acutally they were all stupid). it's the same building they used for The Matrix part when Neo escapes from the interview room and along the ledge.

            I live in Adelaide and the only movie ever filmed here was Bad Boy Bubby, you can do a set visit with your kids and see the prop cat they wrapped in glad wrap!

            Oh and Snowtown! Can't forget that little romp!

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              Where is this set visit can't find anything on google?

          Like you MI2 is one of my hated films. Years ago I went to see it with my Dad and my Brother. we walked out feeling... disappointed but not sure why.
          After thinking about it a bit I put it down to that "it looks like an action movie, but it is trying to be a romance film and none of that work together".

      My favourite part of that movie was the bike chase, where they start off on road tyres, but upon hitting the beach, are suddenly on dirt tyres. So apparently, halfway throughout the chase they pulled over, changed their tyres over and then picked up from where they left off.

      Same... a motorcycle fight sounds cool but really, thatwas terrible.

        One time, my mate suggested we re-watch it on VHS and i swiftly dealt him a Nagasaki for his stupidity.

    While it seemed like a great movie, and I'm sure others (including some mates of mine) enjoyed it thoroughly, I got really confused during the 2nd half of The Great Gatsby. Can't put my finger on it however.

      The new one? Awful movie. So tacky, terrible soundtrack, horribly directed. I haven't been so disappointed in a movie in a long time. Baz Luhrmann was a horrible choice to direct.

    Meet Joe Black (starring Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins). Only movie I've ever actually walked out of the cinema before it was finished.

    It's not the worst film because it's got a really poor production values or a bad cast or incompetent director etc etc. I've seen Plan 9 From Outer Space (in fact I own it on DVD), and I'm still nominating Meet Joe Black just because it makes absolutely no attempt to actually provide any kind of entertainment or interest for the audience. Just sheer, mind-numbing tedium.

      Plan 9 has ironic credibility, though. As a proud owner of the DVD, I claim far more entertainment value in one "FX shot" from Plan 9 than the entirety of Meet Joe Black.

        Yep, that's what I mean. It may be bad, but at least it makes some effort to be entertaining.

        Meet Joe Black just kind of took my money and then sat there staring at me in sullen silence for a couple of hours without even trying to give me anything for it.

          What a mess. Plan 9 for the win!

      I watched that in the cinema with my wife... We dont watch each other's movies much any more

    Taken 2. I talked about the million things wrong with it in TAY.

      There was a lot wrong with the film, but I still enjoyed the action once he escaped. My major criticism with the film was that the daughter was in it way too much.

        Honestly I found the action incoherent and lazy compared to the first Taken.

          Yeah - no where near as good as the original for sure.

      I loved Taken, but as soon as I saw that 2 was being directed by the guy that made the truly awful Transporter 3 I wrote it off. Oliver Megaton sucks.

    I think that Manos really is as bad as everyone makes out. Even the MST3K version which adds commentary and cuts out the ten minute driving scenes is pretty painful.

    I think the angriest a movie has ever made me was Prometheus. I'll concede it looked fantastic, but the characters were impossibly stupid. The only clear motivation for most of the characters was to drive the plot forward. I also couldn't understand how they were able to just take the concept underlying Chariots of the Gods wholesale and get away with it. I basically stormed out of the cinema. I should have asked for a refund.

      I completely forgot about Transformers 2. I describe it as the worst film ever made when you consider budget. If you spend 200 million on a film, it shouldn't be visual mess, it should have a coherent script, and the acting should be passable. Transformers 2 failed at the basics of film making. At least the guy who made Manos can point out that he had no budget and that the script was coherent. What's Michael Bay's excuse.

        Yeah, Transformers 2 would have to be the most recent movie that was so bad it made me angry. I refused to see 3. Even when it was offered to me for free. My time is worth more than that.

        I agree also with Transformers 2, subjective opinion aside it is technically one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I think it was a rental so I got off the couch and went and played a game while my partner finished it off.

      I agree about Prometheus. I think watching it all the way through made me dumber. And it wasn't just the stupid characters but the myriad and ridiculous plot holes. I so wanted to like it too.

    Cloverfield. I went there expecting to see a movie about a giant monster destroying new york, and what i got was a shitty shakey cam love story

      To be honest, if you looked at one trailer for the movie you would have known what you were in for.

    Blair Witch....the empty cinema should have been a dead giveaway.

    Hey Mark, I actually had a slightly different view on World War Z, but I can appreciate what you were talking about, and I believe those issues point to the troubled development this movie had. Check out my review at .

    There's been countless movies that I've watched and questioned what exactly I was suppose to take away from it. I recently watched Spring Breakers ( with James Franco and throughtout the entire movie I was like, huh? Sure boobs are great, but that's all I really took away from it.

    As for walking out of movies - generally because I paid to be there - I watch it all despite the anguish it may cause me. BUT there was one movie many years ago I walked out of, but I can't remember what it was - it must have been that bad that I instantly blanked it from my mind...don't make me go back there!

    Used to be Battlefield Earth, but has recently been overtaken by Springbreakers. Absolute worst movie I have ever seen, and this is coming from someone who happily enjoys eclectic and arthouse films, but this was just terrible.

    Grown Ups. What. A. Turd.

      Oh God, yes. It made me give up Adam Sandler movies completely.

        Haha, I actually enjoyed this.

        Watched it again recently after a rough day. Love it.

        Maybe it's an age thing?

          I liked that movie too, had the same experience it was a shitty day and that's a really feel good movie

          Doubt it, I've watched nearly all of his films including 'Reign over Me' and 'Punch Drunk Love.'

          This, along with 'Jack & Jill' and 'That's My Boy' demonstrates that he's out of ideas and it's time that we move on.

          Just my 2 cents.

            Oh no doubt some of his recent stuff is absolute rubbish. But this particular one, I liked.

    I've only walked out once at the start of From Dusk till Dawn where they casually kill the liquor store clerk. It was a bit too flippant and went too far in my opinion. I shouldve asked for my money back.

      That's Tarrantino for you.
      Funnily enough that's the only movie of his I can actually stand.

        Is it really Tarrantino? He wrote the screenplay, not the story. He didn't even direct it.

          Robert Rodriquez directed it - He also directed the Spy Kid films which he used to fund his own projects...

      You missed out on an awesome second half.

        "Where are you taking us?"


        "What's in Mexico?"



      If you walked out before they got to the bar you missed the ACTUAL movie...

      Yeah dude, you definitely missed out by stopping that one! Great movie, and I'm not much of a Tarantino fan personally.

      That's Robert Rodriguez you guys and boy did you miss a cool film, noneoftheabove

    Up until Sucker Punch came out I had three movies jostling for position of the coveted 'worst movie' slot. They are:
    1) American Cyborg Steel Warrior (
    2) Return of the Roller Blade Seven (
    3) The Cell (

    But Sucker Punch swept them all under the table for being absolute garbage of the highest degree.

      Shit. I listed a bunch of movies I didn't like, but I completely forgot about Sucker Punch because I turned it off a third of the way through. I seriously hated that film.

        Sucker Punch was just so terrible that I had to go around telling people how bad it was. I saw a critique of the film, explaining why it's actually a masterpiece and telling the haters that they just didn't understand it. It made me hate the film even more, for being shit AND pretentious.

          Was that Movie Bob by any chance, because I respected the guy up until that point. Afterwards, it was pretty obvious he was a glorified fanboy.

            Yeah I think that's the one. I'm glad he "got it", but if a movie requires a two part explanation then the director hasn't done their job properly. And I don't even buy his explanation as a justification for an objectively bad film. A film that's trying to be "clever" doesn't have to be transparent enough to understand upon first viewing, but at the very least it has to be entertaining/thought provoking enough to encourage further analysis and viewings. Trying to be clever and failing so hard is just sad.

      I must be the only person in the world who actually quite enjoyed The Cell.. I loved the art direction.

      We used to rate movies on a scale compared to A.C.S.W. - Dont think we ever found a worse film than that

      Dude, the Cell has a soft spot in my heart because when I saw it at like 14 it seemed really creative for a horror movie (I hadn't seen many). Like where the killer pulls out Vince Vaughan's intestines (?) and there's the jackinthebox music as he rotates (I couldve made that part up).

        There's a movie out there where Vince Vaughn gets his guts ripped out? I must watch this...

      I enjoyed The Cell, granted it had J Lo trying to be a serious actor in it (and we should all laugh at her for that) but I could forgive that for the serious talent of Vincent D'Onofrio and for the sweeping vistas of a mad man's mind... Still I agree that it is flawed, but its a nice concept handled reasonably well.

      I fully agree that Sucker Punch was a horrendous piece of trash and to this day it's been the only movie that I have walked out on. I made it as far as them getting to World War 1 (or 2) and winning the day with robots. I understand escapist fantasy and alternate 'histories' and think they're good for giggle (Iron Sky) or can be thought provoking (Watchmen) but Sucker Punch was just trash, and regardless of Snyder coming out and saying his overtly sexual imagery was a parody of 'geek culture' I feel that it wasn't originally meant to be a parody... It was just something he came up with when people started telling him that his film blew chunks.

        Well, you're wrong. The big, crazy, nerdbait action sequences begin as the girls are about to perform stripteases in front of cartoonishly disgusting sleazebag men. It's not exactly subtle. The movie's still not actually good, of course - it could have made its point a lot more concisely - but the message is in there.

      The Cell sucks so hard.

      Unlike my ex wife.

    Not in a cinema, but after watching fast and furious 6 I thought I better get around to watching Tokyo Drift......holy moly how did the franchise survive that?

      hahaha yeah that was a disaster. couldnt even understand what that hillbilly was saying in it. and did bow wow have a hulk car? how i pined for a suicide pill.

      I think Tokyo Drift was so ridiculous it was funny though, I started watching it on tv and couldn't look away, like a car crash.

      No joke - Tokyo drift is the only movie in the series I like, probably cause of the drifting.

        You're not alone there, it's one of my favourites in the series.

    Bra-Boys. I haven't ever walked out of a film but I remember watching that doco' that if it wasn't that I was there with all my mates I would have just gotten up and left. It was so damn boring and just the bra boys talking about how hard done by they are.

    Epic Movie, Sex and the City Movie are the first two that come to mind.

    Edit: Clearly any film with the word 'Movie' in it. The newer Scary Movie films were pretty average.

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      Anything with "Epic" or "Scary" at the start of the title qualifies as Fukushima landfill.

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    Walked out of transporter with my old man when I was like 14. So bad.

    The last terrible movie I saw is sucker punch.

    The Earth King invites you to Lake Laogai.

    I was dragged along to see The Last Airbender with a friend of mine. Both of us were fans of the show. Both of us knew that fans of the show absolutely loathed it. We saw it anyway.

    I wanted to walk out fairly early on. I don't know the exact point but the fact that there was a grand total of two jokes in the movie (despite the series it was based on being much more lighthearted), the terrible exposition over scenery shots to try and tie the plot together or the fact that the bending looked like a bunch of old people doing Tai Chi in the park with some special effects added randomly in for the hell of it.

    It was full of angst and plot holes. The sense of adventure was taken away in favour of the aforementioned exposition. The sense of fun was taken away so that Ung (I refuse to acknowledge that kid was Aang) could be all broody and unhappy. The interesting character dynamics were washed away.

    The Last Airbender failed on every single level. Nothing in that movie was done well, nor true to the source material. If they had done one or the other, I might have been happy.

    I didn't walk out. I should have walked out.

    I also pirated both Dragonball Evolution and the Chun Li movie that came out around the same time. I don't think I made it more than half an hour into either and that's being generous. So glad money wasn't wasted on them.

      The biggest problem for me with the Last Air Bender was that it condensed the entire first (And I think a bit of the second?) season into one movie. There was a lot of stuff that was missed and glazed over in favour of having it all come together in a 1 hour and 40 minute timeframe. On top of this, acting was poor and the script was oh so terrible! I remeber there being a one line answer to a very severe problem or large question, I think that was when they were in the earthbender camp as prisoners and Katara asks "Ung" a question.

      Terrible terrible, horrible bad unspeakable movie. I loved the Cartoon so much :'(

        You mean the bit where the earth benders were imprisoned in a quarry and could just earth bend to escape?

        In the series, they were on a metal ship specifically because the only earth on it was the coal powering it. The rousing speech that Katara gives (in the movie, I think it was Aang) actually makes sense there. In the movie it was more "you guys go do a pebble dance now so we can move on to the next plot point".

          Yes, in the quarry, Katara asks Aang a question about his powers or some such and he just gives a single word answer and all is good. Forgotten what they say, would have to watch move again which is not something I intend to do any time soon. :\

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