One Developer Sums Up Game Design In A Vulgar Six Seconds

One Developer Sums Up Game Design In A Vulgar Six Seconds

Lots of moving parts and distinct disciplines go into making a single video game. There’s level design and AI programming and physics simulation and art direction and writing and on and on.

Messing any one of those things up could turn a game into just another big pile of crap. So, it makes sense that Ubisoft creative director Jason Vanderberghe — who’s worked on Red Steel 2, Far Cry 3 and loads of other games — gives the answer that he does when Gamasutra asked him to sum up game design in six seconds.


      • Please,
        only amatures fuck things up,
        pros like me make things fucked in all sorts of directions.

        • We want the player to feel like their in control of which direction they fuck. If the player wants to fuck sideways, they can, if the player wants to fuck upside-down, they can; the player can fuck any which way they like and that is what’s really innovative about Uphill Sex Simulator.

          We spent a lot of time improving the AI so the player can really immerse themselves in the world. Now, when you approach your partner, they will move away. Also there is a dog.

  • You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me?
    some cunt from Ubersoft,the biggest shower of “fuck our customer’s and fanbase” people involved in creating games does a smart arsed soundbite while he’s at a fucking renfair and you publish it as “sound advice”
    what a load of my hairy balls.

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