One T-Shirt Isn’t Enough For This Xbox Exec

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer made the rounds in in the slight-casual variation of the Game Exec Wardrobe: blazer, t-shirt, dark-hued jeans. But, eagle-eyed viewers will have noticed that Spencer quick-changed his tops as the morning went on. Think he was sweating a lot?

Spencer wore shirts from the dev studios whose games will be showing up on the Xbox One. First it he showed up on stage with a tee emblazoned with the State of Decay logo, no doubt celebrating that downloadable title’s record sales.

Then it was Press Play, shouting out the Scandinavian studio making Max: The Curse of Brotherhood. Next up was a shirt from Capy Games, in support of Below, the roguelike adventure game coming from the company that helped birth Sword & Sworcery. By my count, that’s three but there may have been more.

Who does this man really love? Is a pretty t-shirt all it takes to earn your support, Phil? It's the equivalent of an elected official's American flag pin: "Of course, I'm all about the games, guys! Just look at my shirt(s)!" One can only imagine the dozens of developers sending 100% cotton, medium-to-large (just a guess there) t-shirts to Redmond in the hopes of currying favour with the Xbox potentate. Somewhere, Phil Spencer readies his t-shirt bin, eagerly awaiting the day he’ll never again have to buy something to wear under his blazers.


    Can't believe someone noticed this at the time of the morning the stream was lol

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