Pac-Man Goes In The First Person Perspective Is Legitimately Terrifying

There has been multiple attempts at rebooting Pac-Man and making the 'franchise' relevant again. Most have failed. But this brilliant flash game on Kongregate is clearly the solution: Pac-Man as first person survival horror.

Big thanks to Michelle Starr over at CNET for alerting me to this, I was blown away.

The game is called FPS-Man and was created by Tom Davies as a way to teach himself Unity. Mission accomplished my good man.

There is literally nothing more terrifying than turning around a corner and realising you are face-to-face with an enormous human-sized Blinky. Jesus wept.

As Michelle also noted, the experience is markedly different. There is a real air of sparse menace about FPS-Man. It really, genuinely reinvents the experience. Great idea, really well executed.

Head here to play the game.

Play Pac-Man as a first-person survival horror [CNET]


    Would like to play it, but have to install some Unity Web Player?

      Yep, just like if you want to watch flash videos you have to install a flash plugin.

    I try to limit the amount of crap I have to install just to try something.

      so install it try it and uninstall it

      I think Unity Web Player is worth it. If you're interested in games, it's going to become more and more essential.

    This reminds me of one of the secret levels from Wolfenstein 3D.

    Watching youtube videos to see how scary it is and damn it is tense just watching the people play through it.

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