People Lost All Of These Gaming Systems On The New York City Subway

I’ve lived in New York City my entire life, and I’ve never lost anything terribly significant in the city’s underground subways. A scarf or a hat, maybe. Never lost a phone, but I understand why that would suck. But losing an entire Xbox 360 console? That would be the worst. And, as you can see in the picture above, it’s happened to at least two unfortunate people.

The two Xbox 360 units in the photo come from a public auction being held by New York City’s Metropolitan Transit Authority, the body responsible for the mass transit of NYC. I can understand losing handhelds like a 3DS or PSP on the train. They’re small and can fall from bags or pockets if you’re not careful. I’m hard-pressed to understand how you’d leave behind those Microsoft consoles or a Wii and all those accessories. I’ve found that the heavier and more annoying something is to carry in the subways, the more likely I am to remember it. Apparently, that rule doesn’t apply to everyone.

But, hey, look: a Game Boy Pocket! I don’t really see those during my daily commute. No sign of a PlayStation Vita, though. Are people not buying them or are they just not losing them? Those unlucky souls who lost these gaming items are in luck, though, because they’ll be able to buy them back from the MTA. Today’s the last day of that auction so they’ll need to hurry.

This Is Your Last Chance To Nab The MTA's Old Crap [Gothamist via Twitter]


    I’ve lived in New York City my entire life,


    I like to imagine that the two Xboxes were lost by the same guy, and both times, he was under the impression that they were portable systems.

    That could be a fun game. When your Xbox gets the RRoD, take it on the train and leave it there. Some poor sucker bids on it and chuckles abound.

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