Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Looks Like A Crazy-Fun Shooter

The leaked action-centric mutation of Popcap’s super-popular Plants Vs. Zombies got confirmed today at EA’s E3 press event. The gameplay shown showed a squad of weaponised flora talking on a wave of undead, with multiple players controlling the most popular plants in the series.

The game’s headed to Xbox One first, with an Xbox 360 release to follow.


    Battlefield intro! Love these guys.

    I see no PC date ... not happy with that though but I guess I can put my 360 to use instead of a monitor stand right now.

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    I wonder if they'll port it to PS4 once they realise it outsells the XBone by a factor of 10 or so....

      This is EA of course they will! Still at least it's on the 360, that console's got some life in it yet...

    Any sign of a PC release?

    At first I thought "frostbite 3" was a joke... but daaaaaamn that looked nice!

    Funny how I have all of E3 info at my fingertips and the ONLY game video I watch is about plants vs zombies!!????? Better be comin out on PS4!!!!

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