Play 128 Levels Of Star-Powered Goodness In Newer Super Mario Bros.

Play 128 Levels Of Star-Powered Goodness In Newer Super Mario Bros.

Newer Super Mario Bros., a mod for the original New Super Mario Bros. on Wii, took three years to make. It sounds like a long time to spend making a mod, but once you check out the production quality and the amount of content, you’ll agree it was time well spent.

The good news is that getting the mod up and running isn’t too complicated, but there are some specific steps you’ll need to follow to get it working. A simple guide is provided on the mod website, offering you various methods of getting Newer Super Mario Bros. working, from full-blown homebrew activation to a temporary set-up that will leave your Wii untouched.

A few other bits and pieces are also required: the 468MB installation file, an SD card to stick it onto and of course, a Wii. Sadly, it doesn’t work with a Wii U, but at least you have a reason to drag the old lad out of the cupboard.

Here’s a brief list of features, taken from the official site:

  • 128 all-new levels on a gigantic world map
  • Remixed and original graphics, themes and music
  • The return of a classic Power-Up
  • New and old bosses and enemies
  • Fun with 1 to 4 players, just like the original game

If you’d like to poke around a bit more, an interactive breakdown of the new content can be perused here.

Newer [Newer Team, via Reddit]

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