Play 'Will Love Tear Us Apart', The Video Game Inspired By Joy Division

Joy Division are a pretty dark band with a darker history. Singer Ian Curtis battled with epilepsy, depression and a marriage in tatters before killing himself at the age of 23. Love Will Tear Us Apart is arguably Joy Division's most recognisable song, and now someone has used it as inspiration for a video game.

Will Love Tear Us Apart is the end result, a game that uses different verses from the song to represent different stages of relationships.

According to the descripion, Will Love Tear Us Apart is designed to reflect on the "darker side of love... mis-communication, emotional impasse and the sadness of separation. Solace may be found in the brief moment of lightness that comes over us when we come to terms with the reality of an irreconcilable relationship."

The game itself uses an art style that is seemingly inspired by Joy Division's second album 'Unknown Pleasures': dark, black and white with harsh frequency lines. It's worth experimenting with, just don't expect to leave the experience feeling all warm and fuzzy.


    Will the sequel be based on the work of new order? :-)

      Interesting factoid for the kids. This song won the hottest 100 (JJJ) several times. Thus the rules were changed so that only releases for that year could be counted. Next weekend is the countdown for the best songs (last 20 years) of the new competition.

        It won twice. Then smells like teen spirit was released and won the third (and last) "Hottest 100 of all time". I think it probably wasn't just that "Love will Tear Us Apart" kept winning, but that the top ten lists for all three years were almost identical.

          According to wikipedia, it was because they realised that Nirvana and Joy Division would place 1 and 2 respectively again, so they cancelled the 1992 poll.

            Yep. I still have those hot 100s via rage on VHS somewhere. One year maybe 91 ? The cure had 8 songs in there. Huge result.

          Angst sells, man!

          Just ask Linkin Park.....

    Spandau Ballet game, someone make this happen.

      What other games have been based on music/bands?
      Frankie goes to hollywood
      Tubular Bells
      Give my regards to broad street (not sure that counts as such)
      Anyone got any others?

        Beatles Rock Band was awesome! (Rock Band Greenday was shit though)

    Woah... All the acid in the world couldn't help me understand that trailer :|

      That's because you're not playing it fast enough... it needs to be at, at least, 60 miles an hour.

    Unknown Pleasures was their first album

    I'm that guy

    for a second i thought it was made by the guy who does all that "oh my goddess" hentai

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