Potaku: The Kotaku Community Podcast... Anniversary Edition!

One year ago we started this crazy thing we like to call “Potaku”. We never thought it’d turn into what it is today, but here we are! A year older and nowhere near more mature than we should be!

Welcome to another week of Potaku and a very special episode. Why? It’s our one year anniversary! And to celebrate we went to AlexAndHisPants’ house, had a barbecue, ate some cake, sat round a fire and had a chat about the past year, some game stuff and generally were very loud and having a good time! So sit back, relax and enjoy the anarchy that is not only our season finale, but also our Anniversary! Enjoy!

Doc also put together a video celebrating these past few years of friendship and all the shenanigans we’ve gotten up to.

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And don’t forget that we have Potaku too, where anyone is free to write, contribute and help share ideas with other people! You can get in touch with our editor through his email or Twitter too! We have some great stuff up so feel free to look and contribute!

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Oh yeah, we’re taking 3 weeks off too, so see you in a few then!

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    MAI FACE!!!



      Which one is your face. I must know!

        Early on, kinda a side view from the back, I seem to be speaking to the camera (maybe?)
        I don't really remember...

        The handsomest one! :p

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