Predator Action Figures! You Son Of A B**ch!

Many companies have released many takes on the Predator franchise over the decades, but sadly, none has ever given us what we really wanted: little plastic renditions of the entire assault squad from the first movie.

So thank you, djblizzard, for finally delivering the goods. The custom toy builder has made his own squad of misfits and Predator bait, taking the new NECA Dutch figure as a starting point before building out the entire outfit, right down to Dillon and Jesse Ventura himself.

While the accuracy of the outfits and gear is great, it's the faces that really get me, how he's managed to capture each likeness right down to their expressions, even on such small figures.

No guarantee, as nice as they are, that these figures will make you a Goddamm sexual tyrannosaurus.

Custom NECA Predator Dutch's Team - DJBlizzard Customs [The Fwoosh, via Toycutter]



    so how long until the whole movie is recreated using figures??

      Im envisioning this is the style of Team America or robot chicken, preferably the writing of the former and the animation of the latter

    Better late than never!

    What's the Jesse "the body" Ventura figure doing with a bloody bandage, I thought He didn't have time to bleed?

      he gets shot in the big firefight scene when.... oh wait I geddit

    Must..resist.. temptation.. to buy...!!

    Voice in my head: Comonnn!!! Do it! DOOO ITTT!!!!!

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