Professor Layton's Son Investigates The Criminal Underworld On iOS

Level-5 announced that the iOS iteration of the popular Professor Layton series of puzzle games, Layton Brothers Mystery Room, is now available. The game follows the son of series protagonist Professor Layton.

He and his partner, Detective Lucy Baker, form a part of Scotland Yard known as the Mystery Room; the finest detectives of Scotland Yard, who take care of the most difficult-to-solve cases by investigating crime scenes, matching up case files with evidence, and interrogating suspects in a somewhat Ace Attorney-like fashion.

Speaking of cases, the game features nine of them in total; the first two, along with the prologue, can be nabbed for free from the iTunes App store. Cases three through nine, however, are only available as in-app purchases.

Layton Brothers Mystery Room on the App Store [iTunes]


    Obligatory: No Android?
    Although, it does actually make me sad in this case, as I would really like to play this but don't own an iOS device...

    Um, does he have a brother or something? Shouldn't it be Layton Son Mystery Room?

      I've played through the first case and they mention that the brother will make an appearance in a later case file.

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