Raspberry Pi Transformed Into A Handheld Gaming Console

Raspberry Pi Transformed Into A Handheld Gaming Console

Apparently unsatisfied with hacking regular gaming hardware into magical boxes of engineering awesomeness, Ben Heckendorn has turned his eyes onto the popular Raspberry Pi, the $35 credit card-size PC.

In a two-part series, the first of which you can watch above, Heckendorn tears apart a Pi, only to put it back together inside of a gaming handheld shell, complete with screen and buttons.

The final product, based on the 512MB version of the Pi, will run MAME in order to play emulated games. Parts of a Logitech controller (including the rumble pack) serve as inputs, while a camera battery provides power.

Heckendorn is actually holding a giveaway for the completed handheld, unfortunately, it’s not open to Australia or New Zealand. Hot damn.

The Ben Heck Show [Revision3, via Digital Trends]

Top image: Digital Trends


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