Redesigning The Super Nintendo For The 21st Century

I think the Super Nintendo, at least the Japanese/European model, is one of the most beautiful pieces of consumer electronics ever made, from its colour palette to its timeless design.

Just because the original is timeless, though, doesn't mean we can't get an update for these more modern times. Like this one, by Colombian designer Alejandro Duque.

Taking the North American SNES as a template, he's gently updated various aspects, from the controllers (which are now wireless) to the finish of the console itself.

The best part, though, is the part that really shows this is something designed by fans, and not Nintendo: instead of cartridges, you can just plug a USB stick in and run your games off that.

Super Nintendo Revolution [Alejandro Duque, via ALBOTAS]


    I prefer an SD slot myself, USB stick looks stupid sticking up and out of the machine.

    Also I can't help but think Dust would get into a vertical USB port.

      You mean Dust 514? Haha!....yeah, that sounded better in my head.

    PALs colour scheme still the BEST!

    I like the design, except for the usb location.

    They should have made it so you slide the usb in between the power button and reset button and have it so it lies flush with the console.

    I always preferred the Japanese/PAL design of the system, but this is gorgeous. That controller!

    At least that would fix how yellow they tend to get over time.

    Judging by the way this article is written you sound like it's a physical thing. These are concept renders...
    But still awesome, I love it!

    I would find a different home for the USB stick but other than that, it works for me

    Looks nice and all but these days you'd just really need the controllers and the USB stick realistically for a SNES.

    Slenderman Colorway

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