Remember The War Z? Now It Has A New Name

It's been a while since we've heard news about The War Z, the controversial online zombie game that was kind of a mess in just about every possible way. So today's news is kind of interesting: the folks behind The War Z are changing the game's name to make it less like that other zombie MMO, DayZ.

Now it's called... Infestation: Survivor Stories, which really does sound a lot less like DayZ.

Thanks Roman!


    Sure they weren't forced to change due to World War Z?

    Even the website is a mess (when viewed with Chrome) with images overlapping text etc.

    It was still a no from me even when it was on steam at around $3.75!

    Seems like the pressure from the WORLD WAR Z people was succesful. Well done!

    Terrible new name btw lol

    Terrible new name to go with a terrible game.

    Got it on Steam not long ago for like $4, I thought screw it... it's $4.
    After actually playing it for myself, I miss my $4.

      You could have bought TWO BBQ cheeseburgers from Hungry Jacks for that!

    Look on the bright side, at least they didn't call it, 'THE LAST OF UZ'

      Or Left for DeadZ

        4 Dead ResidentZ Rising on an Island.

    They should just call it "Piece of Shit".
    They might get a few more sales out of people just appreciating the honesty.

    Same con, different name

    so this is some kind of tryptophobic fps/mmo?

    they could of called it Dayz of the Dead.

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