Ridiculous Fishing Defeats The Cloners, ‘Huge’ Free Update Coming

Ridiculous Fishing Defeats The Cloners, ‘Huge’ Free Update Coming

Ah, Ridiculous Fishing. I believed in you, we all believed in you, but it’s nice to see the good guys win.

Speaking with Digital Spy, Rami Ismail of Vlambeer, the game’s developer, says that the game has proven that artful, good games can win out despite cloners. The clone in this case being Gamenauts’ Ninja Fishing, a blatant copy of an early version of Ridiculous Fishing that beat the Vlambeer to the App Store and found a fair amount of success there.

Ridiculous Fishing released earlier this year and found more than a fair amount of success of its own. Here’s Ismail:

“We didn’t expect it to be this big – we hoped it would be this size. We really hoped this would be the definitive statement about creativity will always win, because obviously the whole cloning background is still there for us, right?

“We still want to make this statement that Ninja Fishing did well, but Ridiculous Fishing wins because it was the better game. Better games win. That’s what we hoped people would get out of it, and I think they did.”

While I’m guessing they can’t quite nail down the sales numbers for both games, it’s certainly nice to see the better game do well, despite being cloned.

Not content to have made one of the best games on iPhone, Vlambeer is going to be releasing a couple free updates for the game — one in July that adds a few new fish and items, and a “huge” update for later this year that, according to Ismail, will double the game’s content. And despite the way the game parodies in-app purchases, it doesn’t have them in the real world — all of those updates will be totally free.


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