Nice work by @bleeding_thumbs yesterday… though not for the bleeding thumbs, obviously, but the pick of Earthworm Jim as the game in question. Now, onto today's ludicrously easy scribble.

I say ludicrously easy knowing full well the extent of my artistic abilities, but still, having chosen this game completely randomly, I figure it's an absolute doddle.

ScribbleTaku is Kotaku’s newest lunchtime game. We give ourselves 30 seconds to draw an old game on a sticky note, and it’s your job to guess what it is! Come back every day at noon for a new ScribbleTaku! Feel like sending one in? Shoot us an email here.


    Bubble Bobble

      What would you do if I said "no, that's not it".

      You'd accuse me of lying. And I would be.

        it could be Bubble Bobble 2?

          Could have been -- but wasn't. Also, while i realise the monsters are terrible, that's because I looked down at the clock -- and had about 1.5s to draw all of them.

            That being said your drawing under pressure is getting better. Although I don't suppose it could have got any worse.

        I'll be nice, I will guess Pac Man for you so you can claim a moral victory that someone got it wrong.

        You could always demand to know which platform the screenshot was pulled from...

          Already taken care of courtesy of the seemingly obligatory "the dig" answer.

          If I drew Dig Dug, heads would EXPLODE.

          Good thought. OK, secondary challenge: I grabbed it via random numbers (shelf, position, etc). I own the game on a number of formats. Which one do you think I grabbed?

            I'll say Master System, but I really hope it was from the arcade version...because not owning that PCB should be made a mortal sin. :D

              The PCB is on my Christmas wishlist -- but it was indeed the Master System cartridge. Which means, as Lionel Richie once sang, you're once, twice... no, just two times a winner. Hurrah!

                My PCB is in limbo due to a faulty coin mech, and for some reason Bubble Bobble doesn't like working without it. Strange days.

                  I just grabbed the jamma wires from the coin mech and threw a 10c switch in. Click it to add credits. I too need to fix my coin mechanism. Should work.

                  Wish it was that easy. I already have a credit button (that works), but BB doesn't like it. Works on everything else, even my non-JAMMA boards. A new coin mech is on the cards, so hopefully all will be well soon.

      Anybody else got the theme music in their heads now?

        Actually no, I thought I would, believe me, but instead I have the Theme from Alex Kidd stuck in my head, curse you game journalists with awesome names.

    Pacman - just in case it's a trick to make us think it's more obscure than it is.

    Well trolled, but I'll bite: Pacman.


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    *footsteps increasingly getting louder*
    "Biker Mice from le Mars!"
    *random stranger runs in opposite direction*

    Last edited 13/06/13 1:34 pm

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