See Assassin’s Creed IV’s Improved Stealth, Naval Combat In New Trailer

Maybe you’re on the fence about Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and its whole pirate-centric motif. Well, you should let this latest clip reveal one crucial gameplay element to you: pirates were basically partying all the time. And lead character Edward Kenway can just sit down and have a drink with his fellow salty dogs when they’re chilling on the beach.

ACIV director Ashraf Ismail talks through this nearly six-minute look at the game, pointing out how sneaking around will be more difficult and showing off a seamless transition from combat and traversal to ship-vs-ship combat.


  • Looks a bit rough. And unfortunately the ships seem extremely arcade in their movement, they should have hired someone to study how a ship moves and it’s limits to do so therein.

  • The guy doing the commentary sounds so bored. Or like he hates speeches and is reading one out embarrassedly to his year eight class. 😛
    But more on-topic, “sneaking will be more difficult”? In Assassin’s Creed it was a matter of holding the X button near a few people, and as the games went on, stealth said goodbye. Crowd-stealth was hardly a factor in AC3, there was no ability to crouch behind objects, but at the end of the day the AI is usually so horrendous you can just exploit the crap out of them.

    As far as this gameplay trailer is concerned, all I saw was more of the ‘sneaking-in-brushes’ technique for stealth, nothing we haven’t seen before. I mean sure, the guard has a lantern now, and he can spot you with it, but so what? ACIV just looks like more of the same; I wouldn’t even call them stealth games anymore since your character is essentially a one-man war machine capable of fighting entire armies by himself, lol.

  • Totally agree with Fruitlewp here. It is ridiculous to even imply that you need to use stealth when your character is essentially a bullet sponge. There is no incentive or need to use the rudimentary stealth mechanics they’ve built here when you can just kill everyone in sight without any difficulty. It’s a problem every single AC has had since the beginning, there has never been a need to run or hide or use stealth in any way because the only way you will die is if you put the controller down and leave the room. Making the difficulty so easy cheapens the whole game and this looks to be exactly the same, these guys are terrible devs.

  • If this is Assassin’s Creed 3.5 that fixes all of the shitty mission design, glitchy, buggy crap and focuses more on naval combat, then count me in.

  • Meh.. Looks like what I’ve already done 1000+ times before on AC games, just flashy looking.

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