See If This Is Enough To Convince You To Care About Rune Factory 4

While wandering around the E3 show floor today, I ran into XSEED’s Jessica Chavez, who you might remember from an informative Kotaku Q&A about how Japanese video games are localized for Western shores.

Chavez wanted to convince me that one of XSEED’s next games, the RPG/sim Rune Factory 4, is worth our attention. So I pulled out my phone and told her she had two minutes.

What do you think? Rune Factory 4 on your radar?


  • once again, i gotta say, how long after the US release will we get a PAL one?

    stupid 3DS region locking…

  • I’ve heard many great things about the Rune Factory series, and this will be my first one which from what I read/heard is a culmination of all the best things RF has had to offer plus more now. I’ve been waiting for this game since before localization was even announced. lol

  • Really would love a release in Australia, loved RF 2 & 3, spent many hours on them 😀

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