See The PS4's Game-Swapping, Share Button, Menu And Chat In Action

During its E3 conference, Sony talked business and showed games. Leaving some of the more mundane - but no less important - stuff to come out after. Stuff like this video, which shows the system's user interface.

We can see how the PS4 swaps between programs (like a phone), how the share button works, how you can download certain parts of a game first, how the PS4's keyboard works, how its party sharing works, how you can stay connected even on a mobile device... you get the idea. The nuts and bolts.

Playstation 4 - User Interface Overview Promo [YouTube, thanks Matthew!]


    Is it wierd that I'm actually just as keen to see the UI design as I am the games?

      not at all. i think i'm more interested in the ui and new features. we know there are awesome games coming out for it, and we've seen a handful of them. we haven't really seen much of the ui etc.

        It's the one thing Sony haven't really wowed us with yet. For all the negative response Microsoft has been receiving, I was actually pretty impressed with the UI they showed off at the XB1 reveal (aside from the concern of being overrun with ads).
        With just as much (and faster) RAM in the PS4, I'm hoping the UI will be just as cool and seamless. This video does show a bit, but I want more.

    Excellent news. All I need to see now are the steps required to turn all of that off.

    As hilarious as this video was, this looks like sweet tech! I get more excited for the PS4 every day! My PC might see less and less use.

    Interesting features.
    Horrible commercial. "I don't got that, dude?" Who the hell speaks like that?
    The headset/headphones thing looks awkward. Everything else is wireless... why not that?

    Also I hope the PSN store has cheap games, so I don't have to wait for mine to arrive from the UK. Or the ability to use codes just like steam. Then you can just buy a code online.

      I actually don't mind having a wired headset, purely because i won't really be far from my controller when playing, so why go wireless, pay more money and have yet another device to recharge?

        Well, partially because I already have a wireless headset, but also I find that with a controller, you move it around. On PC, you sit at a desk anyway so a wire is not a big deal, but on the couch I feel like it would get in the way.
        It might just be my dislike for in ear headphones. I don't like things pulling on my ear.
        The recharge thing is an issue but headsets these days are pretty good. My headset lasts well over 10 hours without a charge. I made the change to wireless recently when my old one broke and I'm loving it.

          It comes with a wired headset but no doubt wireless usb headsets will work on it also, I'll just use my ps3 one. They're about $50

      I find myself buying a mix of UK and PSN games at the moment. UK for all the retail stuff that I want a physical copy of, and PSN for the older or on sale games that I want to play instantly.

    Interesting features, I'm not sure how much 'sharing' of game videos etc I'll be doing, but judging by the amount of self obsessed people there are online these days streaming their games etc I'm sure it will get used.

    I agree though it's definitely a bit forced, but these things really come off as natural so i take 'em with a grain of salt.

    The PS4 looks amazing and those features look awesome, but that commercial was horribly bad haha.

    So Sony is moving to adopt a more MS stance on pretty much everything but online DRM and people are kissing their feet for it while shitting on MS...
    Just how much Kool-Aid is in the water?

    This is such a bad video. common Sony you can do better than that

    Disclaimer: I actually think these features are pretty cool.

    Video translated:

    So I came home to my trendy, hipster apartment after spending the morning at the local mall. I pass by my retro VW Beetle and while still wearing my cool hipster clothing, I proceeded to check my fridge. I always keep my glasses on when I check my fridge, because it’s an awesome retro fridge that’s capable of instantly vaporizing my pupils with its cool retroness if I’m not being careful.

    Alas, the fridge turned out to be empty because I live in Fitzroy where all the cool hipsters like me hang out and the rent is too damn high to afford food. But at least the lack of food keeps me in tip top shape. Which is probably for the best because I don’t have a Wii Fit or some stupid Kinect fitness game that all my friends used once and then forgot about.

    Did you see what just happened? Of course not. Because I’m capable of taking my cool glasses off really damn fast… with my mind. One minute they’re on, the next BANG! They’re gone. I’m ready to play some games. Yeah! Lets do this.

    By the way, it only took 3 seconds for the console to boot up. Make a note of that for later when your console will take much longer.

    Sarah Greene. Man she’s a hottie. She can defeat my heart any day. I’ll just like her trophy achievement in hope that she’ll pick me over the other 21 dudes that are competing for her attention. Hopefully I’m not too late for this partay.

    Alright, I better play that game too. This way we’ll have a common interest and something to talk about when I see her next. Instead of idle chit-chat about the weather or the local sports team.
    Damn. This game looks like it’s made for kids, but it’s seriously damn hard.

    I’m not frustrated about the game to be honest. I’m frustrated about Sarah. I can’t stop thinking about her. Maybe I’ll just check out her profile again. For the 70th time this week. Man, she’s hot.

    Oh, I see. She’s got a video of how to pass this bit. Definitive proof that girls are better gamers right there. She’s hot and obviously better at gaming than me. I’m going to marry this girl one day.

    15 hours later I’m still stuck at the same damn stage…

    “Dude I don’t got that man.” Now I’ve just switched from being a cool hipster to a dude from the hood. So I tell my friend (who by the way might be the next school shooter – he loves his guns way too much) that I have to get the game. Where do I get the game from? My fridge obviously.

    Alright, lets buy this game. It doesn’t seem to cost anything, so lets do this. Heck, even if it does, I’m using my mom’s credit card so who cares.

    HOLY SHIT! It’s Sarah Greene. SHE MESSAGED ME! I can’t believe this. I’m going to celebrate this momentous occasion by rubbing chocolate sauce all over my body and playing cheesy 80s love songs over and over. I better reply to her first though.

    See, again, the PS4 lets me do stuff with my mind. I just think the words and they magically appear on the screen. Screw you Xbox and your voice recognition. That’s so 2012. The PS4 obviously takes it one step further.

    But of course, Brian has to attempt to c*ckblock me as usual. I swear, he always does this. Still, I need to play this cool. Can’t let Sarah think that I’m overly keen or she’ll lose interest. I’ll just pretend that I’m a busy guy who has more than just one friend who plays Killzone all day from his mom’s basement.

    Wow, it’s Sarah messaging me again. Booya! I think I’m in baby!

    Brian? WTH man. Seriously dude. Stop trying to c*ckblock me. I swear, after I’m done killing him in Killzone, I’m going to kill him in real life if he doesn’t stop this crap.

    Sarah just bought Killzone. I know how to win her heart once and for all… I’ll ask her to join my clan! There’s no easier way to get to a girl’s heart than to ask her to join your clan. It’s what Kayne would have done and I bet he’s surrounded by hot models. Girls just love clans. It’s the equivalent of being in a gang, only I don’t need tattoos or a motorcycle to be in one.


    No wait, she’s just teasing. Oh, girls and their mind games!

    And that’s what PS4 is all about. Having unprecedented abilities to pick up girls that game. Thanks Sony, I owe you one.

    i wonder if that message thing is only for certains phones or not becuase i dont really see the need to upgrade my Xperia Play Yet

      Dare say if it was certain phones only, a Sony Xperia would be the first to get it.

    This UI looks much better than the PS3. Officially excited for PS4

    The phone thing had better be an app like the Steam app, don't see why it wouldn't be.

    Also, she is sitting at a café and bought the game, and she suddenly has a clan 5 minutes after buying it?

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