Shadow Of The Eternals Stops Kickstarter, Plans To Restart It

Shadow Of The Eternals Stops Kickstarter, Plans To Restart It

The crowdfunding campaign for a Shadow of the Eternals sequel has been suspended, says Precursor games, the studio formed from the ashes of original Shadow of the Eternals developer Silicon Knights. Precursor says it will be “re-launching the Kickstarter in just a few short weeks”.

The reason for the suspension is “a host of new exciting opportunities that will make the game better than we envisioned,” Precursor said on the campaign’s Kickstarter page. These new opportunities presented themselves with “more support from our community than we had ever hoped for” after the campaign started.

The campaign opened May 13. Since then it has gathered $US127,414 in donations, towards a $US1.35 million goal. The campaign was set to close in 14 days.


  • I really hope all the devs learn from this regarding using kickstarter or indiegogo from the start.
    And I really hope that if the new kickstarter doesn’t mention Dyack, all those people saying they’d back it without him go for it.

    Because I REALLY want this game.

    • Because I REALLY want this game.

      Really? Even after their last two games? (Too Human & X-Men: Destiny) . I’m not having a go at you I am genuinely interested. I never played the original Eternal Darkness so have no nostalgia for it.

      But given the studios recent past with all the controversy around the Epic Lawsuit, Too Human & Dyack himself I wouldn’t want to put any money towards that company, even thought hay have worked on some truly fantastic games in the past.

      I also intensely disliked the way they handled the crowd funding on their own website and the episodic nature of the project (we know how well that Too Human Trilogy went right?)

      Who knows there may be nothing to worry about and it may turn out to be another great game from those guys… but for me this is the most sceptical I have been of any of the higher profile kickstarters so far.

      EDIT: Also thought I would mention that Denis Dyack is apparently going to appear on this weeks Weekend Confirmed Podcast over at (should go up Friday/Saturday) to talk about the Kickstarter project. Given how well the last podcast Dyack & Garnett Lee were on went (1Up Yours, 3rd July 2008) this should be a good one 😀

  • I think they could learn something from A Hat in Time on kickstater, they started their game a Whole year before they finally put it on kickstarter. An while yes the budgets are different and size of the game are different, I think if they spread the word of their game first, let it spread a little and THEN put it on kickstarter, I think they’ll be more successful.

    I also think they may have set the goal a litle high. $1.35 million sounds a lot compared to a lot of the other kickstarter indie games out there. I don’t see many go over $300,000.

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