Shadowrun Returns Looks Like It'll Be Mighty Moddable. This Is A Good Thing

Shadowrun Returns should arrive this month, barring any cybernetic catastrophes and while there may have been some confusion regarding its distribution, I'm sure we all have our fingers crossed that the game can revitalise the isometric RPG for old and new gamers alike. As for those with modding on their mind, you too will be catered for if these tutorials are anything to go by.

Well, I'd say these clips, created by developer Harebrained Studios, are part-tutorial, part-promotional effort, given the game isn't out just yet. There are three in total, the first showing how you can get a scenario up and running in five minutes and the second and third focusing on specific editor features, including conversations, quests, NPCs and event triggers.

If you're looking for raw gameplay, you'll be disappointed but, if like me, you're curious about the game's inner workings and the easy at which one can whip up their own content, the videos should be meaty enough to last you until the game's release.


    Cannot wait.

    Just a question about the Kotaku article titles and yes this is me getting really pissy. Do you actually HAVE to put 'This is a good thing' in there to get people in to read it? I mean, it just sounds like you're trying desperately to convince people... little add ons to titles like that and 'Its ok and heres why!' or the next gen CoD article the other day... ugh. I guess it's only minor, but it really reeks at times.

    Otherwise it's great it'll be moddable, it's going to extend its life infinitely so. Can't wait for the game!

    Turned off the video after like 1minute the guys nasaly voice pissed me off, should be a cool game tho

    Love isometric games, Grim Dawn, Wasteland 2, Shadowrun and Stasis cant wait my body is ready.
    Grim Dawn is in Alpha atm :) good fun worth a look.

    have this game sitting in my steam list and it is killing me i cant play it. teasing me every day with my inability to play it.
    other than that i will watch this video and play pencil and paper shadowrun on the weekend to tide me over

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