Shadowrun Returns Slips From The Shadows July 25

A shadowrun rarely goes exactly according to plan. Originally planned for release this month, Harebrained Schemes' Kickstarter-backed Shadowrun Returns is bringing its classic singleplayer isometric role-playing action to PC and tablets on July 25.

It barely feels like over a year has passed since Shadowrun pen-and-paper RPG creator Jordan Weisman launched the Kickstarter that promised a return to the glory of the Super Nintendo Shadowrun game, making up for the 2007 shooter I don't feel like talking about anymore. Within months we had a lot of art and screens. Then we got gameplay. There was a little DRM confusion, but now we've got the full game coming our way.

Not only do we get the full game, we also get a feature-rich editor that players more talented than I can use to create and share their own adventures. Early backers have already been creating some amazing things with it.

Shadowrun Returns is currently available for preorder on Steam for $17.99, with simultaneous worldwide release planned for PC, Android tablets and iPad July 25.


    I have been checking steam on a nightly basis for the june release date! Another month then...

      i have had this game sitting in my steam game list for about a month now. i feel your pain

    promised a return to the glory of the Super Nintendo Shadowrun game

    Hands down one of the top tier of my favourites on the platform!
    I will be snagging this for sure!

    As disappointing as this, I'm sure it'll be worth the wait. Also, I've got Arma 3 going into beta June 25, and Company of Heroes 2 releasing the very next day. Shadowrun returns was due about the same time - at least now I get a month to deal with Arma 3 and CoH2!

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