Since Nobody Else Is Making New Homeworld Games, This Guy Is

Paul Zakrzewski has done the bulk of the work single-handedly on Void Destroyer, a game that started out as a space combat sim before morphing into a strategy title that, yes, looks a lot like Relic's classic Homeworld. That's a good thing.

I mean, it's been a decade since we last saw a new Homeworld game. And while Sins of a Solar Empire tries to scratch the same itch, it can't quite manage it, so while this game's atmosphere may be a little on the thin side, the action itself looks (relatively, considering the scale of the project) promising.

The game's currently up on both Greenlight and Kickstarter.

Void Destroyer [Greenlight, via Rock Paper Shotgun] Void Destroyer [Kickstarter]


    I wish I had some money to give this guy. Loved HWs.

    I hope the pace is a bit faster though. Many times playing late at night I just got too sleepy to continue. Cap ships were soooo slow.

    Let me begin the hating on Gearbox software. This article's title is probably incorrect. Gearbox has probably outsourced some undisclosed fraction of the development of the next Homeworld game to the lowest bidder now that they have bought the IP.

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