Slice, Push And Build Your Way Through Bokida's Serene Plains

Minecraft has shown that games focused mainly on building stuff are appealing to a lot of people. Bokida, a prototype game designed by French students, is similar in that you can put together your own little structures using the provided tools, however, there's something oddly calming about the whole experience, which sets it apart from other physics toys.

Maybe it's the lack of zombies or other threats — you're free to just roam the white, cel-shaded landscape, fashioning blocky green architecture out of thin air. You can use your building abilities to reach otherwise isolated locations, or you can destroy them by slicing them up and blowing them apart. Cut blocks turn red, while "pushed" ones become yellow (see image below).

The fact the you can chop your creations up so precisely shows just how far we've come from the likes of Red Faction and its "Geo-Mod" tech. Bokida was created by a "small group of French students" with Unity, according to IndieGames, which only makes you wonder what a larger team could do with this premise.

Bokida [Google Drive, via IndieGames]


    Hi, and thank you for featuring Bokida here.
    This is our graduation project for our Game Design BSc at ICAN school in Paris

    The playable build is still an early version with important features disabled since it's a work in progress (e. g. dark obelisks, gamifying elements, etc.).

    Credits: Damien Fangous, Gautier Jacquet, Vincent Levy, Romain Pechot, Arnaud Vannier
    Extra crunching help : Aurélien Hulot
    Music + Sound Effects : Xavier "mv" Dang

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