Smartglass, Kinect And Video Editing To Enhance Xbox One Multiplayer

Smartglass should deliver a bunch of new functionality to multiplayer gaming on Xbox One, if this demonstration is any sign. It will keep tabs on your friends' in-game progress and ostensibly find more competitive quickmatches suited to your playing skill.

I say ostensibly, because, on stage, an Xbox Live community manager, Ashton, was handily taken apart in the Killer Instinct reboot by a producer for Rare, the game's maker. "Just let it happen, it'll be over soon," is the clubhouse leader for most unfortunate on-stage utterance of this particular E3.

The video showcases how the new video upload studio will work on the Xbox One, allowing users to edit and skin the videos they capture to the Xbox One's DVR. Broadcasting with Twitch (by voice command) also is seen.


    Is it just me or us MS still talking about everything this thing can do EXCEPT play games?

    Who the hell has the time/money to get a 'smartglass' spend an extra few hundred dollars for what? having to switch between a tablet pc and a hand controller? Um no.

      you can get smartglass on android phones (not sure about iphones as I dont have one)

      Made a account just to say Smartglass is a free app you can download on your apple Ios or android phone.

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