Smash Bros. Lead Developer Says We'll Be Seeing New Video Next Week

Earlier today, Masahiro Sakurai sent out a tweet saying that new video from the upcoming instalment of the Nintendo all-star fighting franchise will be debuting on June 11. Translation by Kotaku East’s Toshi Nakamura: "Notice: On the June 11th 11PM Nintendo Direct, the first footage of the new Smash Bros will be aired for the first time. For the first time, simultaneously worldwide! Don't miss it."

That 11pm is probably for Japanese local time zones. Also, it’s worth nothing that Nintendo had already said months ago that the company wouldn’t be saying anything about the next Smash Bros game until E3. Well, that time’s almost upon us. What do you want to see in the new game?


    Playable space pirate please

    As long as your characters don't randomly slip over I'm all for it.

    I never played the last one.

    Can you play as a kooper troopa? For your special move you should be able to throw your own shell around.

    I'm so excited for this and Retro's game. With any luck, we'll see that they've created a new IP, and then later in the Nintendo Direct see that their new character will be playable. I have high hopes for Retro and Smash Bros. I hope they don't disappoint!

    Playable Isaac from Golden sun and playable tales characters please. Also a very near release date

      Any Golden Sun character would do, hell, even Kraden...

    Cmon Bayonetta smash bros needs some crazy.

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