Some Of Japan's Cutest And Most Amusing Twitter Pics

Twitter doesn't only inform at 140 characters a tweet, but it also amuses and delights with pictures. Here's a look at some — certainly not all — of Japan's most adorable, entertaining and interesting photos found on Twitter.

As with these things, be aware that people in Japan also find these images unusual — hence them being retweeted numerous times. Many of them were retweeted thousands of times.

Some of the photos are riffs one well-known memes, while others (such as the top image) can be easily explained(it's Halloween). And many of the photos are just people screwing around. You know, hijinks.

Then, there are simply the surprising sights people have encountered and shared online.

Pictures: miryou, TSNet64, CatCutePhotos, k_ami_c, xX_harowan_Xx, napalmthing, _G_A_I, sorata22, hayama_syoko, nobu_12_, akiranagahashi, py0nk1ch7, kihhie_1052, Tired_Nova, hyper_shimeji, when_sir, matome, kataoka_k, xxkaixz, yuukitokuda, de_ji_be, nakamukae, Nekopic, ymtk_, kataoka, ag_gt


    Admiring the marathon runners legs, who gives a shit how you dress when you have legs like those.

    Those OmuRice look so goood! But it'd look like a sleepy time massacre when the sauce goes on ;D

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