Someone Called The Cops On The Ouya Guys

Someone Called The Cops On The Ouya Guys

Remember how the Ouya development team were going to be showing their stuff in a parking lot opposite E3? Yeah, looks like that’s caused some problems.

The console’s developers have been sparring with E3’s organisers, the ESA, and earlier today that sparring blew over into something you’d expect from a bad ’80s sitcom.

According to a report on IGN, this is what happened:

  • Ouya team sets up in parking lot opposite E3.
  • ESA rents out parking space in front of the Ouya booth, parks huge trucks in there, obscuring the Ouya booth.
  • Ouya team retaliate by renting out the spots in front of the trucks, erecting big OUYA banners.
  • ESA respond by calling the cops, trying to get Ouya’s booth shut down.

In case you couldn’t tell by the image above, this wasn’t exactly a SWAT team. Permits were checked, and the police left without taking further action.

Shame. “E3 Attendees Tear-Gassed Following Parking Lot Brawl” is a headline on my bucket list.

E3 2013: Cops Called to Shut Down Ouya [IGN]


    • Forget this story….does anyone else want to see a buddy cop tv show starring those two officers on their scooters? All the elements are there. One is white, one is black, they ride scooters along LA’s safest footpaths seeking out petty crime…..this thing would write itself.

      • I love it. and I love ‘Permits Please’. This is hands down the best idea anyone has ever had in the history of ideas, men and hands.

  • They’re not cops, they’re extras from the set of Demolition Man 2. I MEAN LOOK AT THOSE STUPID CYCLE THINGS!

  • LAPD have segways now. Bwahahahahaha, that’s so funny.

    Edit: On closer inspection I don’t think they are Segways, it looks like it has a little wheel in the front, so I’m not sure what they are.

  • HAHAHAHA! You know you are on to something when your competitors try to push you out using the local police force.

    • It’s not their competitors. While I think that what ESA has done is douchey, think about it from their perspective. They spend all this money to put together a large event, and then Ouya (as a manufacturer they should have a booth) hijacks it.

        • They have set up in that location for no other reason than it is across the road from E3. They should have a booth because this is the main conference in the US for gaming and they are trying to position themselves as a console manufacturer.

          • The fact that they are setting up outside shows that E3 are charging too much for booth space, which forces out smaller competitors and start-ups.

          • Booth space is expensive at conferences. That’s part of the cost of doing business in this industry. Nonetheless, they are still hijacking E3. My point is that you can’t complain when the ESA, who actually runs the event retaliates.

            I still think the ESA is douchey, I just also think the Ouya guys are being douchey.

          • Agreed. As someone who works at a venue, with lots of expos where LOTS of money is involved, this is foul play from the ESA’s perspective.
            It’s like someone paying for billboard exposure, only to have someone come and spray tag over the top of it. I support OUYA, but if they want to be taken seriously they need to pay the price of admission, like everyone else.

      • So have companies plastering the area with banner ads also hijacked it? If they’re there legally then tough crap for the ESA.

      • Why don’t they have a booth? Did the ESA not let them or are they purposely trying to distract people from E3?

  • As someone who backed the Ouya Kickstarter in the first weeks and still has not received theirs, most news that is coming out about them is kinda frustrating.

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