Sony Apologises For Faulty PS3 Firmware, ‘Investigating’ Problem

Sony Apologises For Faulty PS3 Firmware, ‘Investigating’ Problem
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Sony is trying to figure out what went wrong with PlayStation 3 firmware update 4.45, which was offered to PS3 users last night but then pulled when it appeared to start breaking consoles. “We are aware of reports that the recent PlayStation 3 system software update (version 4.45) has caused the XMB to not display on a small number of PS3 systems,” a PlayStation spokesperson told Kotaku.

“We have temporarily taken 4.45 offline and are investigating the cause of the problem. We will announce when the system update is available for download as soon as possible. We apologise for the inconvenience.”

The firmware was supposed to improve the PS3…

… but as soon as it went live, we got reports from readers that it was rendering some systems inoperable. As of this morning, the firmware was no longer available. Console firmware is routinely updated to add functionality, squash bugs and/or foil homebrew developers and pirates.

The PlayStation platforms have been notorious for receiving a lot of firmware updates, though Sony has introduced auto-updating of firmware updates to ease that hassle. New games tend to only run on PlayStation systems that are running new firmware.

A Sony rep said the company is currently “confirming the number” of PS3’s affected by the now-pulled 4.45 firmware.

As for those who downloaded 4.45 and currently have a bricked system because of it, Sony tells us, “We kindly ask PS3 users to wait for further details. We will announce when ready.”

Good luck to those of you whose systems got mangled by this. If anyone out there comes up with a fix, let us know.


  • Didn’t this sort of thing happen a few years ago? I’m pretty sure I remember something like this happening before…

    • it happens every so often, just sometimes its worse the others like this time its alot of people, other times its not as many

      • True. Seems to happen to Sony often when compared to the Xbox and Wii/WiiU. I cannot remember any software updates making variations of the hardware for these consoles be bricked/unable to boot but I can remember it has happened at least two other times for the PS3. I would have thought that the software testing is done extensively before being placed out in the market for consumers. I suppose it is a occasional issue when there are many variations of the hardware on the market and the update is to work on all versions.

        • The PS3 is a more complex machine that those consoles. This time around the cause for the bricking is apparently because of people who have upgraded their HDDs

      • Happened to my PSP Phat as well a few times no dramas with them anymore but i run CFw instead now

  • I updated my PS3 firmware last night in an attempt to get the silly thing to read my The Last of Us disc… didn’t fix my problem, but didn’t seem to ruin it either.

  • Apparently you can still launch into safe mode and update the firmware via usb. I guess they’re trying to get a new bug free firmware ready before providing instructions for that.

  • I swear, every single time a firmware update is released people complain saying; Omg Sony sucks they broke my console! The fact is, firmware updates carry a risk for any kind of hardware. Phones, tablets, motherboards, disk drives, game consoled, DVD & Bluray players, DSL & Cable modems, TVs etc. Sony said the update only caused a tiny number of consoles to malfunction. I don’t see why it needs to be taken down because once the update is “fixed” it’s still going to cause SOME peoples consoles to malfunction. It’s inevitable, really.

    Sometimes yes, the firmware itself is broken, but console owners need to learn that not every update is broken just because a few consoles get bricked. Sometimes it’s just bad luck, ask PC gamers. Don’t fix what ain’t broke! Sony releases updates just for the sake of it sometimes it seems. My console is running fine, so what is this 52 millionth one supposed to do? They expose consoles to far greater risk releasing so many large firmware updates.

  • Why do people defend Sony for this?
    I get that there are different configurations but they are the only one of the big 3 that have had multiple firmware issues and a major network hack…
    If this was a save bug in a game people would lose their minds but this seems to just be a case of “oh well, it happens…”

  • How else are they going to get you to buy more ps3s or upgrade to the ps4 ?
    Brick your system, thats how.

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