Sony Australia Confirms Local PS4 Price

And it's $549. Maybe not quite what you were expecting?

Considering the fact that Microsoft priced their console at only $100 more that the US price here in Australia, part of my hoped that Sony would do the same thing.

It's still $50 dollars cheaper than the Xbox One, but something doesn't quite add up there.

Sony also confirmed that the console would be released in Holiday 2013 in Australia.


    i was sold before the price announcement.

      edit: I was hoping for $499, won't buy it until it is.

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        I think you misinterpreted his comment. He doesn't care what the price is, he was so convinced on getting one he will

          haha true. I wonder if my downvotes are due to my inability to speed-read properly, or fanboys with their pants back-to-front.

            Inability to read :P
            edit: All is forgiven XD

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            lol. possibly both.
            i do agree it should be a bit cheaper, but meh. just about to head off to the shops to pre order mine now ;)

            I downvoted to even out the score :P

            Vote retracted due to considerate edit

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        buy it from amazon, they are selling it at us price plus 25 for global express postage

        You really should all switch to pc gaming... because now it is the only true gaming experience that doesn't require you to pay to play on the internet you are already paying for...
        But if you insist upon throwing away you'r money then have at it..
        Btw 5 dolars a month for the next 7 years until the next gen consoles come out to 600 dollars... which is much less than the steam box with is a round 1000 dollars and also most console games will cost 60 if not 70 dollars... with its counterpart on steam costing at lowest 15 dollars...

        why not just buy from u.s or uk, im gonna buy from amazon for $499 plus $16 postage, and that includes the game killzone shadowfall, or if you just want the system its just $399 plus $16 postage
        so total is $416

        If you look at it Purley on dollar value there is just for cents difference between the A $ and the US $. When you do the math the difference should only be 22 $. Why are we being fleeced for An extra 150 $. Its a con. I hope people are smart enough to recognize a cash grab when they see it. I'll wait for the true price.

      It's cheaper here than in the UK ($577 AU) and in Europe ($562 AU), so I'm pretty happy. Why it's so much cheaper in the USA is what weirds me out now.

        Oh, I always forget, USA doesn't include sales tax, where Australian price does have GST. Dunno about Europe, but that makes it sting a little less.

      i'm getting the xbone. you have to pay for both live and psn so i choose xbox. i more familiar with it. its 50 bucks more deerer but hey, at least you get the kinect with it

    Thank god for winning EB's custom cover comp (Shooter division) and gaining a $200 gift card.

    I was hoping for it to be $500 but after that conference I don't care. That was incredible.

      JB, Big W, etc will most likely make a online exclusive for $50 less or throw in a free game.

        That's so true man, the main reason I won't preorder for a while. I want to see some bundles! :D

    interesting how AUS gets slugged the extra $50...

    They didn't want to put that price in the E3 presso I guess

      Its $150 more...

        Working on the difference between the Xbox One and the PS4 prce difference is $100 (in the US)

        The difference between the Xbox One and PS4 in AUS is only $50 which leave a difference of $50

    Hmmm the Xbone looks like it get a 3-6 month head start in Aus as well, plenty of time for a price-cut before the PS4 luanch.

      What makes you say that? PS4 was given a Holiday 2013 date.

        Yes but clearly stating US and Europe, not worldwide.

          Considering EU use PAL like we do cant see why it would be dealyed in AUS

          Well we are part of PAL (Europe). MS isn't a worlwide launch either right? They are prioritising countries. Australia is November 2013. Unless Sony says otherwise, I would expect the same here.

    What kind Australia tax + extra tax is this???

      This is how it makes up for selling it at a lose in other markets ... but hitting smaller markets with bonus tax.

        almost there, but i dont think you've quite grasped how it works

        Technically it's because our costs of living are higher and a whole bunch of other variables as well. So they feel they can get away with it. However, as Sony *should* know by now, that never works here, as both the PS3 and Vita launches found out the hard way.

    Given the PS4 is not region locked, $549 might encourage some to import along with not knowing the actual release date. Have they said what size the HD will be?

      Have we actually got official confirmation directly from someone at Sony that it's not region locked? I've seen people claiming as such but haven't seen a direct quote anywhere. If they leave it up to the publishers at the outset (FWIW the first few years of PS3 the policy was Region Free, they changed to publisher decides a little after the PSN hacks and stuff) then I'd expect it'll be locked down. :(

        No confirmation as yet, but they haven't done it for a while. I suspect they'll stick with the digital content being linked to the region of the account.

        Either way, I'm probably going to hold off pre-ordering given the HDD size has yet to be announced (haven't seen it anywhere) and the price isn't really a major difference here like it is for other territories.

          I take it you've seen the news on this by now: there is only one SKU announced for the PS4 @ USD$399/AUD$549, and it's a hefty 500GB HDD.

          I agree though, absolutely no point pre-ordering until some bundled deals come about, especially considering Watch Dogs, GTA5 and Infamous: Second Son are all expected around release. Plus, EB have a second controller RRP'ing for $99- something else to consider.

      I'm more interested in whether you'll be able to replace the HDD with any notebook HDD like you can with the PS3. Then size becomes irrelevant.
      That's what she... no, caught myself in time.

    If Sony somehow bundles a year's subscription for PS Plus for this price they will stomp the Xbone.

      they don't need to, stompin' already happenned.

    Just posted on the other pricing thread... but $549 does seem alot closer to the European prices (it's actually a tad cheaper).

      I noticed this too. Since we're considered the same region as Europe and UK, this makes more sense.

    Wow...Wasn't expecting that. Thought it would be a bit cheaper! Also sick of things being sold at at something 9. It infuriates me, just round it up or down!

      cheaper would have been nice but considering EB Games have had it on their site to pre-order at $899 up until now - I'm kind of OK with a $350 price drop

        They didn't have it to preorder at $899, they had it to preorder with a placeholder price of $899...They can't put something in the system to take preorders without somevalue... they knew that $899 would be the upper limit, they can put $300 and then jack the price up without a heap of complaints... Most of the games are still with a placeholder price, it just means that it is in the system for you to reserve your copy, but not necessarily pay that

      But you know that they do the whole 9 thing to make it sound cheaper, right? It actually works too.

        It also makes the price seem more considered, like they've thought about what it's actually worth. Round numbers tend to seem more arbitrary.

        The 9 thing was done to discourage theft. If a total was X:99 then the cashier would have to go into the till to get change and couldn't (in theory) just pocket the cash without carrying a crap tonne of pennies around. Given that Australia no longer has a 1 cent, the whole thing seems rather silly. Prices should all end in 5.

    I'm wondering if they are selling at a loss to try and undercut MS and take away from the whole needing PS+ for multiplayer much like Xbox Live now...

      Is it confirmed you need PS Plus to play online?

        Yes, was announced during the conference that you need it to play multi-player, not direct quote, cause they said it in an around about way.

        Really though if this is the other shoe dropping, it's a pretty small shoe.

      Aren't all consoles sold at a loss anyway?

    Ah the typical Aussie markup.

      Europe and UK get a bigger markup. We did okay this time around.

        That markup difference appears to be mostly VAT. If you remove tax from all the prices, we're paying $15 more than the UK, but VAT has twice the impact of GST, so they end up paying more than us. But that's pretty much irrelevant to the consumer, as they only see the price that people pay.
        US$399 + ~12.5% tax ~= AU$475, or AU$420 + 12.5%
        EU399 ~= AU$560, or AUD467 + ~20% VAT (on average) (difference of AU$47 from US price)
        UK349 ~= AU$580, or AUD483 + ~20% VAT (difference of AU$63 from US price)
        AU$549, or AU$499 + 10% GST (difference of AU$79 from US price)

    People, let's not forget the price of the PS3 60GB SKU that was released in 2007: AU$999.

    Quit yer bitchin'.

      I think the US launch price was higher plus the Aussie dollar was quite a bit lower.. all in all though, agreed that we're getting a better deal than historically.

        You're right. They used to refer to it as the 'Pacific peso'. Times are a changin'.

      Agreed... I recall shelling out $1200+ for the 60GB PS3, an extra controller, remote and 3 games (Fight Night 3, CoD 3 and Madden 07). If I end up spending <$800 on a PS4 package I'll be happy!!!

    I assume they're future-proofing the price for when the dollar sinks after a potential abbot government tanks the economy.

      Just couldn't help yourself could you? LOL... I guess you can be forgiven for it is an election year.

      I'll agree with the future-proofing (not touching the politics): the US economy does seem to be recovering, slow but sure.

    God I'm sick of the outrage. You people are outraged at everything!

    If you don't like the price, don't buy it. It's pretty simple. Bunch of whingers!

      Outraged at outrage? I'm outraged.

      It's unstraylian not to whinge and be outraged over comparatively trivial matters!

      I like the US price. It is less outrageous than the outrageous AU price.

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      Ahhhh you guys are funny!

      Well played peeps, well played.

    Kinda dumb their whole price thing was about under cutting MS, not much of a difference between 549 and 599

      $50 is the difference between an extra controller or a game and nothing.

        $50 for a game or controller? what world do you live in?

    Don't forget the other region prices they announced. We get a better deal than Europe and UK. By quite a bit, actually.

    If it was more than an XBone I'd still be happy because it HAS USED GAMES!!!

      Its not even that, its the fact that i can simply take one of my games to a friends house to play it on his PS4.......Microsoft are so stupid. I use to love them so much. Its a shame really

        That too!
        (Not loving MS, the games at friends thing)

    Nah, i might hold off of pre ordering for now, two games i want this year are GTA V for PS3 and Watch Dogs which i'll get for the PC.

    I'm happy with that, I was expecting between $500 and $550. Day one purchase for me.

    I think all the people saying it's too expensive are forgetting the fact that the 360 launched at $700 and the PS3 at $1000.

      Already pre-ordered. Who ever complains about this has obviously been struck on the head too hard and has forgotten about Australian pricing in the past.

      This. I think I paid like $900-something for a PS3. I'm super happy with the price.

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