Sony Charges Too Much For PS3 Game, Will Credit Customers

The Deadpool game, out this week, looks OK! Maybe not $US60 worth of OK, which is what Sony was charging for the game on the PlayStation Network. But that's fine, because it shouldn't really have been priced at $US60.

The retail version was $US50, and to make it up to those who paid $US10 to forgo possession of a box and disc, Sony is offering everyone who bought the game digitally a $US10 credit on their PSN accounts.


    on the Australian store could I assume it was priced at $99.95?

      Nah, I was having a look on the Playstation Store last night and I'm pretty sure it was $89.95.

      EB has it for $68.

      Still, it's great that Sony is refunding customers the difference. I bet Micro$oft would never do that.

        I bet they would. ;)
        (yes, it's old, but it's the only one I know of off the top of my head)

        I also know someone who got a refund on the Defiance Season pass, based on the devs inability to actually release the content.

    Steam has it for $30 Aus store, definietely worth $30, its a cracker of a game.
    Cables BIO in the extra menu is a riot.

      yeah i think its worth $30... very tempted

      Last edited 28/06/13 9:26 am

    $4999 at Harvey Norman.

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