Sony Remembers The PS4 Has A Camera Too

Sony's PlayStation Camera, a peripheral for the upcoming PS4, has been curiously under-played at E3. Probably because it's an add-on, whose absence from the main PS4 kit has helped Sony's console undercut the Xbox One.

The camera hasn't been entirely forgotten though; this clip above shows some of the AR and multiplayer tricks we can expect from the device, which will cost $US59.

Below, Stephen takes the same demo software, called Playroom, for a spin.


    Yeah it has a camera, but the BIG difference is that we aren't FORCED to get one, or FORCED to have the thing plugged in to make the console work, and we can play offline if we want to when we want to use the Playstation Eye.

      I could no tell you the last time my PS3 or Xbox360 were ever 'offline'

        My 360 and PS3 are constantly connected as well, but I can use them along with the PS4 I'll be getting offline if I want to/if my internet drops out/or I lose my job and can't afford internet anymore.

        Been offline for both for 2 months. I'm going through the motions of finishing my SP PS3 games now... It does happen, and if it impedes my SP game sessions I'll be pretty pissed.

        I can with mine. At least every second day if its raining. I live in an area where telstras maintenance of its infrastructure is very poor. If it rains hard or for more than one day, no internet. Makes always online not an option for me. So Xbone is not an option.

          I get the same damn thing with Telstra, which is not great when you're stuck at home on a rainy day.

        That's great for you, however, not everyone is you.

        Mine were offline last night, in fact, I could not tell you the last time they were online.

        It's not hard to see a decision as being a bullshit decision even if it doesn't directly affect your situation.

        Last edited 13/06/13 10:12 am

        I can tell you the last time my internet was down. Pretty regularly as they do the NBN upgrading around the suburbs around here. Couple of days at a time sometimes. Annoys me.

        Move house, Telstra take weeks (if there is no issues) to connect you back up for the internet.
        Been on the net for years and move to find out that you can;t get the net in your area, suddenly you can't play you console anymore till you organise some overpriced crappy wifi.

        Have the console in your room, to far from router to get stable wifi connection, suddenly the Xbone becomes painful/inconsistent to use.

        There are many things that can stuff up using a restrictive console. Owning it should not require planning or worry like this. MS are idiots. Period.

          So you wouldn't buy an Xbox One in case you move to a regional area with no internet access?

            No I am giving examples of inconveniently being locked out of a console due to unforeseen changes in life. The other guys (PC, PS4, WiiU) all have machines that work after you buy them regardless of freaking internet.
            The compulsory internet is not needed yet we run these risks of not being able to use the machine if something changes. It is a shit non consumer focused DRM box.

        Last time my PS3 was offline...when PSN went down. I could still play games.

        Imagine that happening for Live for an extended period.

    I actually think this looks kinda cool. Will definitely entertain guests. I like how the controller is integrated into the experiance. I have a Kinect, and Dance Central is fun, but I do like to still be able to use the controller.

    I would buy this just so I could sit around my lounge room with an army of little robots waving back at me.

    Yes I'm serious,

      Does it have voice control like Kinect? It would be even better that way... you could command them to do your bidding like some kind of evil robot army.

        "Minions! Get me a sammich!"
        You then have to deal with the disappointment that the sandwich delivered is not real...just like your friends.

    To be fair, the first promo video looked like a bull-shit mocked up concept of what it the camera might be able to do, but to see it working in the second video exactly as it was shown in the promo, thats pretty awesome.

    I'll be getting this for my son but honestly I have a feeling I'll play around with it more. lol

    My 360 has been offline since day 1. My PS3 is constantly online because that is the primary console I play on.

    The PS4 camera is good because it's not a requirement for the console to operate. For me I'll never ever use the camera for any games

    Having a non-mandatory camera literally means less market penetration.

    Game developers are less likely to develop for a device with low market penetration.

      Yeah the built in light sensor for motion controls on the dual shock probably won't be used in many games because not everyone will have the camera. They probably should have included it so that developers know everyone will have them, but just not made it mandatory for the general machine operation.

    Electricity in Sydney is just so expensive, if I'm not using something the power gets turned off which also means it's offline. My systems are usually only online a few hours a day.

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