Sony’s E3 Booth Laughs At Those Who Say There Are No Games For PS Vita

Some people say that the PlayStation Vita doesn’t have a lot of games. These people need to go to Sony’s E3 booth. There are a lot of PS Vita games there. Take a look at my video tour for proof.

The Vita area was probably the first time I’ve been to a part of a first-party’s E3 booth and not known about more than half the games. Sony has signed up a lot of interesting indie games for the thing.

Viva the Vita!


  • Ok, so there may be heaps of games. But where are all the *good* games?

    In almost a year and a half of owning a Vita, I’ve enjoyed one Vita exclusive.

    • Then do more research?

      Wipeout 2048?
      Unit 13?
      Uncharted: Golden Abyss?
      Soul Sacrifice?
      Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation?
      PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale(Variable since it’s on PS3 too)
      Persona 4: Golden on Vita is highly praised
      LittleBigPlanet Vita?
      Gravity Rush?
      Ragnarok Odyssey?
      New Little King’s Story? (Another variable since if I recall it’s a remade and/or sequel to what was a Wii Exclusive)
      Phantasy Star Online 2? (Another variable, but cmon, F2P MMO on the Vita? – Not exclusive, but it’d be wise to check it out!)
      Lord of Arcana?

      (Coming Soon)
      Killzone: Mercenary
      Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate
      Warrior’s Lair

      All these are definitely ‘Good’ games – as I sift through the entire list of Vita-games…..

  • That’s because there ARE no Vita games, I own a single game (and a few PS Plus I’ve tried which all sucked, including the yawn fest, Gravity rush), the rest of them are either awful, Japanese only or consist entirely of genres that bore me to tears, ugh like platformers.

    Maybe if Kotaku or any other site actually had a single ounce of coverage on the Vita i’d know more because apparently there are 85 games coming out this year for the system or announced at E3 and yet the only game I’d even heard of combing through PSN/websites and everything else was Tearaway (Platformer ugh, though its unique and at least interesting), Invisimals (which sounds pretty cool and i may purchase) and Dragons crown which looks so horrendous i can’t understand the hype.

    Side note This site has the worst search I’ve ever seen, i literally search Vita and get 3DS news…..

      • I have actually I bought Psychonauts when it was Digitally available on demand (360)and i thought was average, very over hyped.

        And @ Heaven in fact it does, because they are shit games, which means no games, becauase its not a literal there are 0 games, its a there are no games worth paying real money for.

        If you take away all the “indie” and download only titles and craptastic ports and mobile type drivel your left with maybe 20 real AAA actual (English) hand held titles for the Vita. Of those 20 the vast majority are god awful and atrocious, things like call of duty black ops declassified, dungeon hunter, asphalt injection, none of which should even be classified as real games.

        Then of that list this is 4 games actually worth real money, Persona 4 (the only one I own) and then 3 platformers, LBP Vita, Gravity rush (also action adventure i suppose) and Rayman. There is no way in hell that can be classified as “lots of games”, jesus even the Wii U has a better line up.

    • So what if they’re ports? There is still value there for those like me who don’t game on a PC or iOS. I like the Vita because it has the portability that my PC lacks and the twin sticks / physical buttons that my iPhone/Galaxy lacks.

  • There is really only one game I wanted to see in this video and it wasn’t there. . .

    One day I’ll get to play Phantasy Star Online 2 on my Vita. . . hopefully. . .

  • I’m happy with my Vita… but I do wish there was more veriety in the games. I have afew realy good vita games, but nothing has been 10/10 and there are ALOT of jrpgs and more than a couple shooters (first and third) just wish there was some sort of new ip on there… Like a space gta… idk…

  • Compared with the content coming for the 3DS this showing is pretty pathetic. Especially considering most of it is available on other platforms already. There were only 2 or 3 games the average gamer might actually consider wanting a Vita for, and for most of us that’s not a value proposition we’re willing to pick up an expensive device for.

  • 6 months on and I’m loving my Vita just as much. Thanks to PS+, and the sales, I’ve got over 20 great games on it already. Currently playing Thomas was alone. Yeah, I know it’s on other platforms – I happen to like the Vita’s screen and controls. This game simply isn’t as fun on the keyboard or via touch screen – You need the analogue controls, its better, trust me.

    Anyway, in contrast, my DSi has had just one cartridge all of this year, Yoshi’s Island. Since I picked up the Vita, any other handheld seems ancient, even Android feels a little basic… I feel this way despite the DSi having an excellent game collection – but I’m just not as interested in using it. Happen to anyone else?

    I hope Sony keeps Vita well supported & I hope gamers out there embrace it for what it is now – a gorgeous, fine machine with a growing library of fun and attractive native titles, indie games + huge back catalogue of Playstation & PSP games. Very keen to find out what the Vita scene looks by end of year!

  • too many vita games that should be on a super nintendo or something, kind of disrespects the power of the vita.

  • Does no one understand the technical brilliance and achievement it takes to play Uncharted on a handheld? And it was a damn good portable game!

    There are plenty of great games, bagging on the Vita is just a meme now, simple as that. And it’s cool to go on, and on, and on about meme’s…

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