Sony's E3 Press Conference: Liveblog

Last one today folks! It's been conference marathon for me over here in Los Angeles, but this is that last one. It might be the biggest. To be fair to Microsoft, Sony has a tough act to follow. A lot of new games, plenty of intriguing exclusives... what can we expect from Sony? Stay tuned to find out!

I'm hoping Sony plays up on its 'man of the people' act. The whole 'we're about games things'. I also hope it shows off some of the indie games coming to PSN. It's a real strength and proper point of difference for Sony now, and they'd do well to give it some shine.

Also, some exclusives? I'm very keen to see what some of Sony's internal studios have been working on. Get... hype perchance?

10.45: Oh, and I almost forgot. I want to see what the console looks like! And the price!

10.48: I really don't know what to expect from this show. I have a feeling it might be a little... flat. Sony showed off a lot in the console's debut, so they don't have all the barnburners under the hat.

10.52: You know what — I could really do with another 20 minutes demo about cars. How about you? ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzz...

10.55: The Last Guardian comes on screen. How do you react? WHAT DO YOU DO?

11.00: So I don't really feel like Destiny is going set my eyeballs spinning. I don't know if it's as innovative as they think it is. Struggling to really think what Sony has in store... I'm really hoping they play on the Indie games angle. I'd love to see a series of really innovative games get to shine on the big stage. But I would say that wouldn't I. HIPSTER.

11.03: They should make a game called Drive Pub, where you try to convince your idiotic drunk friend that he shouldn't drive.

Actually no-one should make that game. SHUT UP MARK.

11.06: Man, in hindsight it did feel weird that MGS5 was on the Microsoft stage. It's one of those games isn't it? Can't imagine playing it with a 360 controller. Imagine playing Gears on the PS4.


Babble babble babble.

11.10: Bloody hell, how long do they want! Let's get going. I don't have all day! (I have all day).

11.13: Some serious padding going on in this show right now. The Last of Us, right guys? AM I RIGHT?

11.15: What if Sony just spent the whole two hours talking about the PS Vita? WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

11.16: One minute more! Almost there!

11.17: AND HERE WE GO!


11.20: How about GTA V only on PS4? (and previous gen consoles?) That could happen. (I'm just making stuff up now)

11.21: Oh Jack you old smoothie. I wish you were my Dad. Or my cool Uncle. Yeah... my cool uncle. I'd like that. Uncle Jack.

11.23: Sure Jack, I'll humour you. Let's talk PS3/PS Vita. What's kicking, Uncle Jack? What's kicking. What's going on my man?

11.24: Mhhmmm. Yep. Yep. That's interesting. Tell me more. Yep. [Nods head]

11.25: Flower for VITA? I'm in bro.

11.26: I'm sure it is Jack, I'm sure they all look great [continues nodding head]

11.27: Guys! The Last Of Us is good! Don't forget everyone! Yours, Uncle Jack.

11.28: Oh, it's that rain game. I always thought that looked good. I'm from Scotland. Rain is mah shit.

11.30: A rather action packed showing of Beyond. Cool, I suppose. ALSO IT HAS THE GREEN GOBLIN IN IT.

11.32: This driving music is sexy.

11.35: Was never really sold on Arkham Origins, but this looks rad. Very cool trailer.

Also: the joker is really shit at jokes

11.38: OKAY! LET'S GO!

11.40: First impressions? Looks like the Xbox One!

11.42: I guess its Sony's turn to pitch for your living room.

11.47: Sony is doing a good job of keeping this boring stuff not... boring. Very snappy presentation.

11.48: It's that dastardly troll Yoshida!

11.49: Alright... getting into dick swinging territory here. Too much fat. Get on with it.

11.53: Well, I'm a bit lukewarm on The Order. We're shooting at things again. Again. That said, seems quite stylish.

11.57: Second Son seems pretty snappy — cute dialogue, great motion capture. Seems nicely written. Actually genuinely believable performances. I thought it looked great.


12.02: Ha! This is great. Nice little twist. Loved it. Really loved it.

12.04: I was hoping they would do this: make a big deal of Indie stuff. Hope it gets a pretty extended slot.

12.06: Transistor is interesting, but Bastion didn't really get me in the way it got others.

12.07: Oh, self publishing. Great news!

12.08: This is great: shows a massive depth of support, gives a lot of cool games space to shine. Love it.

12.12: Okay — calling it early. Sony is going to show The Last Guardian. I'm calling it right now!

12.16: I am a bit confused by these Final Fantasy trailers to be honest. What game is what now?

12.18: Oh cool — Kingdom Hearts III. That's a proper surprise. Never saw that coming. I couldn't care less! But it's a cool surprise!


12.22: This little stealth section is pretty cool. Sort of allays some of my fears...

12.23: Seamlessly from free running to combat, to sailing. That was goddamn slick. Until the end LOL. But yeah, really loved that.

12.28: Okay dokey. Watch Dogs now!

12.32: This game continues to wow me. Production values are through the roof. Real high level of cool. This is serious shit bro.

Oh okay, using a tablet? That would be pretty cool.

12.38: Argh, my internets! ARGH. Sorry guys/girls. My internet is buggering me.

12.46: Bloody hell I missed the no DRM thing when my internet went kaput didn't I? ARGH!

12.48: Playing catch up it seems like Sony is just destroying right now.

12.50: Whoa, this looks better than I expected... Destiny looks crisp. Has that Halo feel.

12.53: I'm really liking these enemies. I'm liking everything about this so far. The scale of these environments are amazing.

Okay so it's Bungie Borderlands. Hmmm. I sorta hope not.

Really nice sense of detail. These environment feel lived in, designed, and real. I think I like the look of this game.

13.04: Sorry for radio silence. Internet is busy killing itself. But $399 US. Wow. Difficult clawback for Microsoft.

And that's all she wrote! Stay tuned to the site for the rest of the afternoon. We've got a lot of stuff coming! Thanks for sticking with me through a long and crazy day!




      Lets just hope they don't misfire and bomb themselves....

      and somehow they will still lose money

    I find it funny how everyone cared about Sony not showing the console, does no one remember E3 2011, when Nintendo announced the Wii U? They didn't show the console either.

    Hopefully we see The Last GuardiahahahaahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'm dreaming aren't I?

    hoping for a lower price than xbox one so their price drops :)

    Cummon Sony, justify my girlwood


      We are watching you, pirate.

    Time to find out if console gaming is dead to me or not.

    Ultimately all I want is be able to collect and keep games as physical products so I can continue to play them long after the console's generation cycle has been and gone (as I have for every console I've owned form the Sega Master System onwards).

    It would also help to see no restrictions on used sales/game lending, region free gaming and a confirmation of not needing to connect to Sony's servers to play a game.

    Come on Sony, amaze me. This will determine whether I buy a PS4 or just sink the money in to building a new PC for the next-gen.

    Has it started? All I'm getting is the GT panel prattling on about stuff.

    ummm. . . when is this conference supposed to start?

    Does Mark actually tell us what is going on, or is it just a series of unfunny updates every few minutes?

    I dont have access to streams etc, so this was the only way I could think of to find out what was going on

      Try using Sony's Twitter feed. They should give updates there pretty frequently I would think.

        As soon as I clicked that,

        "Kingdom Hearts III is coming to PS4 - 14s"

        Omg omg omg omg omg omg.

      It hasn't started yet, when it does actually start he'll be updating. Cool ya jets.

        Cheers! Thanks guy

        He could have simply said "they are running late" instead of all the other comments - and I note he just wrote that...

    maybe this is the conference. 3 nobodies prattling on about nothing in particular

    MGS5 in league with Microsoft is just... weird...

    Psyched to see what Naughty Dog is working on.

    Sony are still seating people. So many people wanting to see if Sony is going to smash microsoft.

    Sink in the tears of the current console generation or sail! Impress me PS4!

    Impressed with Trettons attitude. Seems less arrogant this time.

      That's been the case the past year or two. I think the PSN outage knocked the last of that out of them :P

    this fella is a truly exciting and inspiring public speaker.

    Force feeding us Vita, go away, I wanna game in front of my 55 inch TV, not a 5 inch screen. What a tepid response to HD handheld remakes. Not as strong a start as MGS on the Xbone. You can do better Sony

    Cue the wave of cynical comments + "my PC has been doing that for 4 years".


    someone in sony's PR graphics department is a fan of the game robocod, as it had quite prominant placing on that collage.

    Sweet! A strong, non sexualised women protagonist. Sony: 1 - MS: 0

    Yo Mark, I hear you wanted more cars? Here you go!

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