Sony's Used Games Gag 'Was Not Planned'

The video above was one of the biggest hits of this year's E3. It was a sharp, smiling jab at the Xbox One's restrictions on game-sharing from a Sony doing the Ali shuffle.

Today, I got the video's back story from one of its stars, Sony's head of worldwide studios, Shuhei Yoshida.

Kotaku: Why did you guys feel the need to make the sharing video?

Shuhei Yoshida: Oh, the sharing video! It was not necessary at all. We were waiting in rehearsal two days ago and Adam [Boyes, Sony v.p. of developer relations and the video's co-star] or someone came up with the idea and we were like, ‘Oh, what if we do this and that?’ We had a studio there in the event space room with Macintosh desktop editing. We shot the video and the guys added music. We were having fun. Andy [House, president of Sony Compter Entertainment] was like, oh, yeah, let’s release this virally. It was not planned.

[Satisfied with that little story, I tried to move on to the next topic in our interview; Yoshida politely cuts me off.]

Yoshida: Last I checked, we got over three million views.

Kotaku: You’re pretty proud of that!

Yoshida: We’re competing with some of the more high-production-value trailers.

The video now has 4.8 million views. Not bad at all.


    The rule of the internet, you can spend as much money as you want on a video, but it will never beat something that is funny, controversial, or has cats in it.

    magnificent little video that was, had a good chuckle over it. props to them. do notice that the japanese didn't let go of the game...

      He thought it was a photo op where you have to hold the pose while the paparazzi go bonkers with flashbulbs.

    Sometimes a bit of fun and creativity can blow big budgets out if the water!

    Imagine if they played this video during the conference, directly after the blows to Microsoft.

    It was necessary.

    Now can someone lend me $549.00 so I can help to support Sony through another console generation?


    "Macintosh " Haven't heard THAT in a few years!

    Video has over 6.5 Million views now, thing is exploding!!!!!

    *Til you open the case and see you've got to download the content using a key...

      I think this is going to be so true this gen. I can see the online pass dissappearing from the XBone vocabulary if they can attach it to the second hand sales cost. But PS4 will still need it if they intend to get something out of second hand sales.

        Interesting to see if the PS+ fees will render the online pass redundant.

    Not only is the video funny and a great trolling of Xbone, but it shows that the execs at Sony have a sense of humour and aren't afraid to goof around in front of the camera.


    you could tell this was a inside joke done in the spur of the moment.

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