Sorry, A Language Pack Update Doesn't Mean Half-Life 3 Is Coming...

Desperate people do desperate things, it's simply the way of things. When a new 3.7GB update appeared for Half-Life 2 people got excited and immediately their brains turned to the thing they've wanted and hoped for most: Half-Life 3. It must be coming.

Sadly, no. The update was basically a series of new localisation files for Half Life 2 — for Portugese, Thai and Korean.

But people are crazy. They are genuinely crazy. They want to believe so hard. Three new language? Three? GUYS. GUYS. That is the number three. Come on!

Probably the most hilarious part of the whole scenario is that there appears to be a certain subset of users who have a bug that forces them to use the new Korean voice acting when playing through the game. Wario64 is currently streaming a Korean playthrough of the game if anyone is interested to see what that sounds like!


    You're just a glass half empty guy!


    7 has as many strokes as λ therefore 3.7 = λ3!

    My prediction: 2014
    14 = 4-1 = 3
    Proof! Half life 3 AND Left4Dead 3 in 2014!

    Well, Steam Support did just send out a tweet that included the phrase "Prepare for Unforeseen Consequences" but in Korean. The title of Chapter 3 in the original Half-Life? "Unforeseen Consequences."

    3.7gb take away .7 leaves 3! Half life 3 confirmed!!

    M = 13
    A = 1
    R = 18
    K = 11


    enough. if valve can't get their act together to make or finish ep3 or hl3 or whatever it's going to be or at least tell us something about the franchise then we need to seriously reconsider our view of the company. what competent developer acts like this?

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    Half-life sucks, there i said it.

    Gordon's Korean dub actor is terrible, the original English actor is a million times better.

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