Sounds Like Final Fantasy XV Might Get A Sequel

The newly announced Final Fantasy XV looks like a big game. It could even be big even for a successive title — something like a Final Fantasy XV-2, if you like. Perhaps!

In various forms, the game has been in development for a long time. And when speaking with, Final Fantasy XV game designer Tetsuya Nomura acknowledged that the trailer did say, "the world has changed", which provided an appropriate segue for the game's title change. (Originally, Final Fantasy XV was titled Final Fantasy Versus XIII.)

"The story and the characters have not changed from the onset," Nomura said. The game designer also confirmed that the action RPG gameplay apparently hasn't changed either from the original plans.

"However, in the trailer," Nomura added, "there's a line of narration that reads, 'A World of the VERSUS Epic', suggesting that Final Fantasy XV ushers in one climax of a planned, continuous story."

Famitsu noted that it sounds like there's the possibility of a sequel of sorts to which Nomura replied, "If you make something this dense, it becomes an extraordinarily grand thing. There was an idea to drop the sheer volume and the density, but, in that situation, desired elements undoubtedly die, too."

Continuing, Nomura said, "That's why, I'm thinking in my mind of completing a successive work."

Granted, that's not a full confirmation, but as with Lightning Returns, just don't be surprised if sometime in the future Square Enix wheels out another title, set in the Final Fantasy XV world. I won't be.



    Lets just get Versus... I mean XV out first shall we? Lets not jump the gunblade here.

    If it's reeeaaallly good, then sure. The old system of a completely new game every release is still better but (especially when it takes a decade to come out)

    Typical SquarEnix. Announcing a sequel to a game they just announced :/

    Squenix needs to stop this crap. It's not impressive (and has long stopped being amusing) announcing the next game in the series when they haven't even proven the game before it is any good. Ambition is good, sure, but show some damn self-restraint guys.

    I thought that's what they said the plan was when XIII-2 was first announced?
    That each numbered entry would be its own world with the aim of having potential sequels in that series?

    Really looking forward to 15, but has anyone heard anything from Square Enix about Vita? doesn't seem to be much Vita love at E3

      yea they showcased a new trailer for FFX/X2 HD and showed some gameplay

    If you guys actually read what he said, it's pretty much stated that they've created such a grand world with Final Fantasy XV that there is so much happening and within this universe that there could potentially be a sequel. Even then, it may not be, could be something completely different yet in the same grand world they've created.

    hmmm if you watched the Square Enix Q&A 2 days ago you would of already came to this conclusion.

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