State Of Decay Still En Route To PC, Although Who Knows When

I first watched Chris playing the enjoyable-looking (and hugely popular) Xbox 360 zombie survival game State of Decay, I've wanted to dive in and play it. But I've also wanted to wait for it to come to PC. Good news, then: The game is certainly going to arrive on Steam, though it's still not clear when.

As spotted by PCGamesN, one of State of Decay's main makers Jeff Strain had this response for Xbox Wire when asked, "What's next for State of Decay?"

We're currently working on a PC version for release on Steam. Fortunately it's been in development alongside the Xbox 360 version since Day 1, so we just need to integrate with the Steam platform and add native support for keyboard and mouse control. We'll also continue to issue Title Updates at a fast pace to refine game balance and fix bugs.

(And I gotta say: PC version info sneaking onto an official Xbox news site? Ha.)

This comes a week and a half after Undead Labs community director Sanya Weathers told Rock, Paper Shotgun “We are still working on the PC version, and I don’t have a really good estimate for completion. Too much depends on third parties. It isn’t going to be soon by any meaningful use of the word ‘soon’."

So, the game is definitely, really and truly coming to PC. Yay! And it sounds like it's going to take a little while. Boo!

Between this and the upcoming standalone version of DayZ, PC gamers are gonna have are going to have more than enough zombie games to play. Wait, what am I talking about? There's no such thing as "enough" zombie games.

Anyone out there deep into the 360 version? How's it going?


    "Anyone out there deep into the 360 version? How’s it going?"
    Thanks american Kotaku for keeping us Australians up to date.
    Aside from those who want to go and make a completely new Live account just from one game, i dont think anyone here is "Deep into it".

      As an Aussie i'm "deep into it". It's super buggy but a fantastic concept.
      Took me about 20 minutes to make an account and buy instant US points online.

      Saved some coin too!

        I did the exact same thing, really not hard to do at all.
        I agree, very buggy and there is a lot of wasted real estate in the game. I seem to have spent most of my time in the first town and the other one with the mayor's office (can't remember town names, I don't pay enough attention) and only use the rest of the map to get to certain missions.
        The idea of limited everything and items don't respawn so you have to be wise with what you have is overrated, my cache of everything is always over flowing.

        Spoiler kinda: The thing I hate the most because it does it's job perfectly is when your best character gets killed because you get cocky and head into a battle ill prepared. It's a permanent loss and there is no way to reload a previous save point. It's a punishing and painful experience.

        I have chosen not to do certain story missions and have found that it sped the game along way to quickly with really no detrimental effect to the choices I made, which is a shame. The main missions are spread out and you have to wait for the next part to become active when it wants, you can kill time with an over abundance of constant side missions which come hard and fast. The only thing I really don't like is the house infestations, they are always around, always causing negative experience points because they are always around and are extremely hard to find.

        Weapons? many many things are on hand to cause havoc, however whether your gun is scoped or not offers little difference to the zoom in factor, barely noticeable. yet it forces you to get in close to the action rather than sit back from a safe distance and finish a mission.

        I've finished it and will play it again much differently now I know where the pit falls are and some other very annoying things that you have no control over, not bugs but bad design, spoiler ahead to explain: The very last mission has 2 parts and at the start of both you have the option to go do other things first so the game doesn't end and you can finish other things you want to do, the big problem is it automatically takes your two most experienced characters you've developed to where the end mission starts and they stay there, you can't control them again to keep playing on so your forced to go back to other characters you barley use and then have to build them up all over again, very annoying.

        Overall it's a good game, feels like an alpha rather than a full release but worth the time and AUD$30.

    I would love to play the game but since im an australian, I cant.

    wait calm down, it still has yet to be released on xbox in Australia, which is BULLSHIT! ive got a bunch of ms points just sitting there, and i want to spend it on this but noooooooooooooo even with the R18 raiting for games now we still get FUCKED over.

      "I used to be looking forward to the zombie apocalypse like you, but then I took an OFLC certification delay to the knee"?

      At least on steam you can usually be gifted things that aren't cleared here yet if you know someone in a supported territory

      Last edited 19/06/13 10:08 pm

        Or purchase a steam key via Amazon. Tends to be cheaper that way too.

      you do know it is still getting released here, right? It is annoying we didn't get it the same day as everyone else, but nothing you need to get too agro about.
      You could also do what a lot of other people are doing, make a U.S account, buy MS points online, purchase the game on the american XBLA, then play it on your Australian account :)

        That's what I did, been playing It for the last couple of weeks, good fun, damn scavenging at night is annoying (as intended) entering house and hearing the zombies moan and groan but so dark can hardly see them but if I turn on my torch more come.

          I'm in the same boat, made a U.S. account because I couldn't handle the wait... I'm especially impressed with how balanced the game feels. Zombies are a real threat, but at the same time you can avoid them with a bit of clever maneuvering (and stamina!).

          I think DayZ standalone can and probably will take a lot from the way State of Decay has managed to balance out the zombie threat. One of the biggest problems with the DayZ mod is that zombies are either way too easy to avoid or just too damn hard to defeat (depending on which update you're running).

          Oh, and night time scavenging is challenging eh? Really gets your heart going when you think you've cleared a building and a zombie comes crashing through the front windows! (I've set up outposts in houses close to my base to make things a bit easier... well, it gives you a bit of breathing room when you're just heading out or back in from a run at least).

    Every day this gets delayed, the less and less I care about the X360 release of this game.

    With Dead Rising 3 on the horizon for X1, I honestly don't see the point in hoping and waiting for this release anymore.

    I already had a US xbox account and bought the game, but despite it being pretty cool, I really couldn't deal with the screen tearing - plus I want to play it on PC. I can wait for the PC version as I believe it will incorporate a lot of community feedback/fixes and should be the better of the two versions.

    First, I'm in Australia and I've been playing the game since it was released in the US. If you want it, stop being lazy and create a US account, then buy 1600MSP from a site which instantly emails you the code. It's not just for one game. There is heaps of stuff on the US store we don't have.

    Second, stop blaming the CB just for once. We have an R rating now and it's taking so long to be classified because Undead Labs waited until the last minute to get it classified, Didn't pay the "speed up" fee and failed to submit all the info and footage required in order for the CB to issue a classification. Read about it on the Undead Labs news forum. They try to make the delay look like the CB's fault, but they're the ones who were too lazy to include all the necessary info in their submission to the board.

    Mean seriously, MK9 KOMPLETE EDITION was unbanned and classified within mere days of it being submitted. Trust me, there is nothing in State of Decay which would warrant a ban. It's got less blood & gore than Dead Rising or Dead Island, the drug use is 100% medicinal because you collect medical caches for injuries or to put in the communal supply cupboard for the infirmary to function. Use is also undetailed, players can't get addicted etc. They're named after their real life counterparts. I.e morphine, methadone etc BUT we have an R RATING so its not the Fallout 3 incident again. Remember, use is totally medicinal and a generic pill popping animation happens when you press Use. It's a zombie survivalist sim, the need for painkillers and other medicines is a necessity duh.

    All in all, blame Undead labs for being too cheap and stupid to make a proper submission to the board. Never have I known a game to take so long to be classified - going on 5 weeks now because UL keeps having to send the CB more info in order for a classification to be issued.

    If MK was classified, this will be too. Great game.

      Australia bans Drug use which lead to incentives and rewards, this cannot be fixed mikezombie777

      Wow... You're telling people to read the forums, and yet you can't get your own facts straight?
      If you read the forums, you would know that it was banned due to drug use. Just because it's medicinal, doesn't make it any less of a drug!

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